Keep Conan Exiles competing! Suggestion box to increase (and revive) the fan base


  • After questing for all the items needed to have your bracelet removed by the Cartographer, a new area is unlocked; allowing you to travel through the ghost walls with the ability to access both new and old areas by land and sea.
  • Sometimes you need a new start when getting raided over and over as a soloist, but there might also be that name that wasn’t available when you first started playing the game. It’s a win-win for the company and consumer.
  • The idea stems from games like Creativerse and Savage Lands, where housing, outdoor accessories and such can be made, but remain inaccessible until completely finished. These would be good starter foundations and can enlighten creativity for small villages among players.
  • Each tier of building blocks should be given ‘skins’ of some sort to differentiate each players’ unique structures. Either purchasable as a DLC, or craftable with dyes using specific workshops and thralls.


  • Given the assumption that ‘Exiles’ are new to the lands, I’ve always wondered why you were given a map of full detail when starting out in the game. Each map should start off blank (for new players or in expansion content.) The more you explore the more of the map gets revealed. Maybe even allow maps to be discovered throughout each region to unveil the fog of war. I believe this would truly mesmerize new players as they explore, rather than knowing what to expect by what’s shown on the original map content.
  • Grid alignment and DETAILED, see-through pieces should be modified to increase the accuracy when setting down decor, building blocks, and workshops. One thing I’ve noticed is that your camera view dramatically affects the way you place down items, while some housing pieces lack visual description. Using arrows as pointers could potentially help when placing blocks in specific alignment.
  • Steam account invisibility toggle; players tend to get targeted by account name if in a specific clan or have relation to specific members of a clan. (You shouldn’t have to change your Steam profile name or make it private to prevent stalkers when on a new server.)
  • In-game whispers to players so you’re not forced to run to them and use /local chat or add them on Steam for a private convo.
  1. ITEMS
  • Weapon and armor customization; visual and statistical editing. (There may be a specific item you love, but won’t use it because it’s not beneficial to your DPS, armor, or stats.) This could create a more unique feel to your Exile. Telescopes seem to be ideal as well. Both stationary and something along the lines of binoculars should be implemented.

  • Throwing weapons that stack (3-5 max). Although, an unrealistic feature, a player shouldn’t be penalized for investing in an item they can’t keep after throwing it. Especially when creating something along the lines of hardened steel and/or star metal.

  • Official servers should have a max of 50 people. Preferably 70, but most populated servers fill up around 5PM PST. Not only will PvP be more fun, it creates drama to supply and demand.

  • Queue times; players should be put into a queue when wanting to login to a max populated server rather than having to refresh and wait for a spot to open up.

  • NPC merchants that allows character customization; gender, new hairstyles, faces, obesity, anorexia, etc. (Let’s be realistic here, not everyone had gains in the Conan films.)

  • Sanctuary trade village and auction house guarded by elite NPCs; attackers are slain with 1 hit and items in their inventory are stored in the village auction house. (This could create in-game currency with gold/silver coins.)

  • Renamable thralls that are unnamed.

  • Thrall XP and levels; allow a thrall to help you level up by giving you a minimum of 25% XP per kill, as well the ability to level up your thralls by fighting, crafting and forging with them to become higher tier; increasing their damage, HP, mat reduction, etc. (Named thralls remain strongest.)

  • Coliseum/arena for weekly tournaments (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, Clan v Clan); victors earn skeleton key(s) and/or coins for auction house bids.
  • Mounts and stables; horses, camels, elephants, rhinos, and tigers should all be mountable. Traveling in Conan can be gut-wrenching when you live a busy life and don’t have the time to run 15+ minutes to get to a location and then run all the way back to ensure your safety. Limit 1-2 mounts per player with a ‘bonding’ feature that prevents people from stealing your mount when not present. Unless slain, your mount will fight back and throw the rider off. Saddles and pack-bags could be used as customization.

  • Rafts; this could speed up the traveling process and allow players to siege or transport concussed thralls.


  • Snapping building blocks won’t lock into place and will sometimes have to be dismantled in order to snap another piece you want to connect to it.

  • Wielding a javelin will sometimes maintain stamina while fighting/running.

More ideas to come…

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