Keep game active with missions and season events

There are MANY players that have multiple characters on Exiles and Siptah. We did just about everything there is to do…more than one occasion. Fun game,but after reaching max level, getting your base and thralls…there is not much more to do. Did it all.

Funcom, why not have story missions and various season passes like other games…Fallout 76, Red Dead Online to name a few. I know CE is a survival game but most characters stop worring about survival after level 10 and more about a better quality of character life.

Just an idea, but I realy think if added these will help retain players and drawn new ones toward the game.


Both FUncom and the players that went thru the only holiday event vowed never to have one again.

I like 24/7 loot dropping from the sky. We still have lots from several years ago.

FUncom needs to considerate on the game, not extras.
So for once I have to agree with them.

I dunno, I kinda liked the Halloween thing. Though admittedly the loot meteors were kinda weird and derpy. I think the meteors could have spawned stuff (similar to the maelstrom) that you had to kill for loot. Or have stuff that is non-mechanical in nature such as cosmetics.

But the overall theme of a seasonal event could be fun and break up the monotony a bit.

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I think it should be expected that every game will reach a “played out” state. I think the last time I played a game like Call of Duty or games like Uncharted, the most play time I’ve ever gotten out of them was say 50 hours or so. In CE, you can easily put in 1000s of hours (many people like to post their playtime pics…). Eventually, you will run out of things to do. I don’t think that should come as any surprise really.

This is true, for me CE got played out after 800 hours. Then I tried mods. I got another 3k+ hours out of that and plan to keep going.

With the talent we have from the modding community, I don’t see the game drying up for me anytime soon. They truly are amazing.

I also liked the Halloween event. The meteors were probably more appropriate for a Christmas themed event considering all the loot being given away.

In the end, I understand why Funcom hasn’t done another seasonal event. One of the most likely reasons is because they had to release a patch just to end it. The patch was delayed and also contained additional bugs which required hotfixes. The console patches were delayed even more and people were complaining well into November that they just wanted a return to normalcy.

I’m at 1,400+ hours and including IoS. I still haven’t done any of the dungeons in EL that started with the Midnight Grove. I suppose I’ll eventually try those dungeons out one by one, but who’s in a hurry?

And here is why i am pretty much done with the game. Infinite loot stored means the game really is only a habit after a while, and not engaging.

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