Keep Getting Authentication Failure. Reset Password, Still Fails

A friend and I decided to return to the game for the new 2019 server.

I couldn’t remember my password so I entered my email and reset the password. I received a new password by email and entered it and Authentication failed again, I tried doing this 4 times before submitting a ticket about the issue.

I submitted my support ticket on April 8th, and so far I’ve only received the auto-generated email and nothing else.

SO, I made a new account. Tried to log into the game and got authentication failure again.

Support, if you can see this my email associated with my account and my ticket is:

Please help.

After doing some reading around the forums, it appears what I am experiencing is “Normal”.

My ticket # is Funcom #1109631

Really unfortunate because my friends didn’t have an issue and are in game waiting for me.

Can anyone else confirm that the password reset/authentication system is not working for them?