Keep getting stuck in place!

Game Mode: Online Private
Type of Issue: Bug
Server Type: PVE
Region: All or America (not sure)

I am having issues with getting “stuck” in one spot. It seems to only occur over blocks and not the terrain. However, it is not really ever the same block. Meaning, it happens at random over a block.

In the clip below, you can see that I am glitching in one area. This is when it is really bad.|300x169

In the clip below, you can see that I am stuck in one spot, but when I come back to it I no longer get stuck. So, it cannot be a specific block problem.|300x169

In the clip below, I am AFK for over a few minutes; however, the glitch only occurs over a block and not the terrain.

The problem is the block|300x169

Quit the game, wait 2 min, log in to the server again and now you can move :slight_smile:

This is a consistent problem. I have changed graphic settings, changed to windowed mode, quit the game, quit to main menu, I have tried jumping, dodging, switching to first person and third person. Nothing works

May be remove foundation and items in this spot. Collision problem, sort of bug.

Is this only a temporary solution or is there a way to solve the collision issue?

Just remove the root of the problem, and build something different!

You’re assuming that tearing up a single block is the root of the problem. Which it isn’t because I tested it. There is something wrong with the code and foundations because my thralls sink into sandstone foundations at random. There is no cause there is just some error telling the AI that there is no block there. Just as there has to be something telling my character that he has not moved

That happens to me after I minimize the game for too long. Takes a while for the server and my client to resynch.

Yeah that is the conclusion I have come to. I am guessing this is not fixable because it is not really a problem? The thing that sucks is if I am AFK too long then the glitch is indefinite. If I keep the AFK short, it can stop in less than a minute.

Sometimes I’ll get lucky and it will fix on its own, but usually I have to relog. Or maybe I’m just too impatient to wait for them to synch and relog is quicker.

Hello @KnIXght, does this also happen to you in other servers, such as official ones?

Can you verify if the current private server you’re on is doing daily restarts (asking the admin, if you’re not the owner), as not doing so can aggravate desync issues such as the one you’re reporting?

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This has fixed the issue. Thank you!

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