"Keep it constructive and civilized" but yet you keep insulting us

Salutation to anyone who reading this post.

So you toke time and resources to fix something that should have been low priority while ignoring, TOTALLY IGNORING, real issue, yes I’m talking about using placeables to double-stack walls and foundations. Which your fix is actually useless because there’s already 2 new methods for double-stacking.

So I’m going to try to be constructive one more time, hoping you @Community will give REAL answer and not just fake righteousness generalized copypasta answers, so here are my questions:

  • Why are you not investing resources to animate eating,drinking,bandaging to enhance the combat system?(this is what make me feel totally insulted, you taking time and resources to “fix” double stacking which is never going to be fixed and you should actually consider making it a game mechanic already, like rust and ark did)

  • Are you considering to change the claim mechanics as suggested not only by me but by many others to stop the foundation spam that plagues the game?

  • Are you considering enhancing the single player experience by making save slots?

  • Are you considering investing resources to give us the ability to snap benched, furnaces and working stuff against walls and foundations so that they don’t clip through walls and foundations?

  • Why aren’t you reporting on the work for the AI that you stated like more than a year ago it was outsourced? Was the work taken back “in-house”?

  • Are you considering the suggestion from some players(pardon me guys I forgot who suggested that) to give us the choice with upgrades to customize temperatures protection on armors so we can do it ourself instead on relying on your dazed and confused way of “balancing” temperature protection?

You can pretty much see I’m using the word “considering” because I don’t want to put you in a corner where you should promise or give a definite answer, I’m just asking if you guys are internally considering the suggestions, I would love at least to know what you are absolutely not going to implement and what you might take into consideration.

Please I understand it’s your intellectual propriety and you do what you want, but please stop considering us lesser being than you. I pretty much feel that way, of being looked down upon.

Thanks in advance if you’re really going to answer with real answers.

And remember that old motto “behind every village idiot there’s always a village”.

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That’s not what I meant, I’m talking “settlement system”.

To fix issues we need constructive feedback. We do not “totally ignore” real issues, but we prioritize and implement based on many factors, community sentiment being one of those. By community sentiment we mean generalized sentiment gathered from many sources, not opinions (sometimes worded aggressively) thrown out by individuals.
We do also fix issues based on our knowledge of them, which requires them being relayed to us using certain procedures you might be aware of.

For things upcoming, either check our social media channels or our Testlive section.

We also communicate based on realistic projections of what we’re tackling and what is definitely confirmed short-mid term to avoid creating expectations that might be shattered due to unforeseen circumstances.

These are our community guidelines.

Please consider checking all the available resources linked above during your time out.