Keep losing proggression and items!

Game mode: Online Singleplayer offline solo
Problem: BUG
Region: EU
i keep losing proggression all the time when i exit game… everytime i safe check bed and press exit game… still happen to lose levels and stuffs. WELL what makes me so angry at the moment i spent alot time picking up 1000 aloe leaves for bandages!!! when i came back to online all gone!!! FIX ■■■■■■■ GAME ALLREADY! OR GIVE MY 40 EUROS BACK!

Repro steps:

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the game is litterally broken and unplayable. i play solo game and loose lots of stuff just for logging out. after loosing so manny hours i will never look at this brand again. peace of **** money grab

i lost a RL friend from this game items were vanishing and was small guild of family and friends and he and his brother kept accusing me of taking their gear and smashing boxes when i didnt i got mad they got mad things got said and friendships were ended all because of what i think are bugs in the game this is why i am so bitter at funcom