Keep up the good work

I decided to check the game out again after a 6 month or so break. I’m happy to see that a lot of the little exploits have been fixed. No longer can one charm the Brute. No longer can one exploit the AI so easily in Sep City to knock it’s citizens out for enslavement. Way to go Funcom! Great job on most of these exploitable areas/issues.

The Slave Takers at Crown Grove are sadly still exploitable. As are the alchemists/exiles to the north of the wheel of pain in Sep City.

I like the increase in the agro range for hostile npc exiles and beasts.

Gathering resources seems to be less of a grind. The start of my base seemed easier and faster to build. The work stations too.

Some gripes I used to have with building stability seem to have been addressed as well.

Keep up the good work!


Yeah the game is getting there, still a lot of undermeshing but I hear that’s being worked on, looking forward to seeing how that turns out.


Yes, I just came back also and had to adjust to the new agro range of the NPCs. The mini horde in some places is fairly exciting.


Really good post, nice job man, welcome back and have fun. Still we have a lot of bugs, sadly, but hold on the best is on the way. Welcome back again :+1:


it is actually funny they just fixed a bug they introduced the day before you came that made tether ranges walking back easy to kill and capture anything.

you would just agro the whole camp go out of tether then kill capture as they slow walk back.