Keep up the good work!

Basically since the major update from December '18 forward you guys have been on a roll. And especially so since the anniversary update to the latest testlive branch. I know there are those that’ll disagree with me, but coming from a player who has ran his own server, duked it out on officials, and dedicated over 3k hours to playing this game, I still love it, and love the continued development, polish, and content you all are bringing. Thanks again Funcom. Bang for my buck, this is the best game I have ever played.


I agree! The game is just getting better and better! Can’t wait to see what they do next!

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I’m here to reinforce the game. Last night, I competed for npcs and partook in PvP in sempermaru. Came out victorious with 2 bandit leaders and 7 confirmed kills.

I really enjoy logging in and having a random adventure.

Skyrim, move down the bench…

I think Funcom has done a great job accommodating various play styles and listening to the player base. 5095 hours so far and loving it more each day. Thank you .

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