Keeps Crashing the game

Still there the problem

Hello @Eksalos , welcome to the forums!

Could you please provide us with more information regarding this as per our guideline so that we may best help you?

Remember to share any useful data such as how long have you been experiencing this, how consistently it happens, if it happens Online and in Single Player, and so on.

Ultimately, I would recommend clearing your console’s cache or reinstalling the game to see if the crashing issue subsides.

Game mode: online
Server: official
Type of server:pve-c/pve
Problem:crash after 10-15 sec

I try everything im not new player but now crash me everywhere in all servers,

Did you check the forum for solutions ? The CTD on online servers is an ugly, but well known common problem with an easy workaround in many cases, for instance here:

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