Kegs for store liquids

i think it be nice if we can store oil, alcohol, something etc in the kegs. just make different kegs like a
crates with different capacity, make possible to drink alcohol from ale keg just by interacting with it


Good one
+1 from me

If you use Emberlight this feature is comming “soon” :slight_smile:

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Agreed, I’d love to be able to store ichor, tar, etc. in barrels and firewater, mead, etc. in kegs. Storing such items in chests and crates just feels wrong.

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Great Idea. +1


Adding a + as well, because this is a great idea.

Especially for the desert areas to use for water storage.

I actually made a keg coz I thought this would be possible. Bit mistaken there I was. :laughing:

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