Kentucky Jelly (PVE, 9 servers w/ transfer, no loot drop on death)

Welcome to the Kentucky Jelly Multiverse! A cluster of 9 maps u can transfer between at will. Please join our discord for details.

We’re Low-key, laid-back and just want to enjoy the game.

All servers are PVE unless stated otherwise

The servers…

Server Name: Kentucky Jelly
Map: Exiled Lands
Direct Connect:
Admin: b3l14l
Server specific mods:
°Ruin’s Of Acheron
°The General’s Tomb
°The Lava Cave
°The Forsaken Tomb

**Free Siptah sigils at lvl 60. Type “/kit”

Server Name: Pleasure Palace of Derketo
Map: Exiled Lands (w/Snowhunter’s mods)
Admin: jlhall1981
**password protected

Server Name: Kentucky Jelly Siptah
Map: Isle of Siptah
Admin: jlhall1981
**password protected

Server Name: Kentucky Jelly Savage Wilds
Map: Savage Wilds
Admin: jlhall1981
**password protected

Server Name: Kentucky Jelly Saphire Lands
Map: LCBA “Saphire Exiles”
Admin: jlhall1981
**password protected

Server Name: Dominion of Kings (KYJ)
Map: Empire of Stygia (WIP)
Admin: b3l14l
**password protected

Server: KYJ-Isle of Men
Map: Isle of Men
Admin: Uthrick
**password protected

Server: Realm of Kulan Gath
Map:Exiled Lands (PvE-C)
Admin: b3l14l
**password protected

Server: Tir-na-nog (KYJ)
Admin: b3l14l
**password protected

Universal Mods (in no certian order):
°Less Building Placement Restrictions
°Pythagoras: Expanded Building
°Hosav’s Pets Extended
°Improved Quality of Life (IQoL)
°Immerse RP: Building & Decor
°Dungeon Master Tools (DMTools/DMT)
°Armor and Weapons Stats on Bench
°Alchemists Secrets
°Beyond Decor: Rustic Edition
°Simple Minimap (by Xevyr)
°Amunets Server Transfer
°Exiles Extreme
°Ravencrest Couriers
°Stacksize Plus (x10)

Universal Server Settings
Daily Restart: 3:00 am EST
Player EXP Rate: x2
Harvest Resources: x2
Decay time: off. Bases will be wiped at the admin’s discretion if the owner(s) do not log in for 2 months

Building Restrictions
Not many. Don’t block content, and if you think you may be too close to someone else’s build, please speak to them before building there. Otherwise, build!

Purges (Exiled Lands (PVE))
Purges are on, but very slow to fill the bar. However, on the Exiled Lands map, you can obtain the Elder Constructions feat from a quest. The Convergence Trap and Lesser??? (Essence) are free by typing /kit in the chat box. Unstable??? can be purchased at the admin arena for a small fee. Call or cancel Purges practically at will!

But wait, there’s more!
-3 free gifts upon reaching lvl 60 per player.
Gifts available on the Kentucky Jelly server only. Gifts do NOT have to be redeemed immediately after reaching lvl 60. Anything I can admin in is allowed as a gift. A few restrictions apply such as quantities. No refunds or exchanges



I am not trying to take from your server post, however. I must know…… I must.

What is Kentucky Jelly…….

I just wanna know if I’m right, or if I’m dirty. :joy:

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Not at all! It’s a play on words. The abbreviation for the state of Kentucky is KY. K-Y Jelly is lubricant used mostly for…uh, “pleasurable situations” :grin:

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Product history.

~Whispers~ “I knew it”



Do we get the gifts if we transfer in at 60?
I have a character in limbo I accidently put on a pve-c server so I can’t go back to pvp.

I’m a PVPer but I can play nice.

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Better be careful.



They need to add crossplay. So I can “play” nice.


Yup, u can have the gifts with a transferred character. With the x2 Exp, it’s not too hard to get to 60 anyways. Kinda just a small caveat so that peoples won’t come in, get gifts and run. But it’s whateva’. We are the epitome of laid-back lol

Wish they would add it. I have several RL friends who asked if they can play on PS/Xbox

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Thank you, I assure you if I decide to join you, that character will not transfer out. even if I choose to return to PVP that character and gifts will dust on your server.

Lol, no worries :grin:

We gots a few friends joined up, but wouldn’t mind a few more! Er’body is welcome. Come play in tha Jelly, get sticky :hugs:

Weh have added the following mods due to player request/agreement:

Less Building Placement
Restrictions (LBPR)

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Player suggested, community approved…mods added:

Savage Steel vol. 1
Pythagoras: Expanded Building

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Changed how purges are handeled. Instead of admin summon, we’ve added a Convergence Trap kit and an essence Shop.

EDIT: OK, so we have to revert back to the way it was at least for now. We didn’t realize we have to visit Siptah to learn the Elder Construction feat to use the traps. Update to how this is handled is pending

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Added some content:

Ruins Of Acheron
The General’s Tomb


PVP arena (w/ shops)

With a very close vote, a new mod was added:

Hosav’s Pets Extended

We’re still casually chugging along on the Jelly, still accepting friends :grin:. No pressure, no requirements (except for a few building rules) server. Llaaaaaiiiidd back


I am looking for a server where i can build in a clan.
I always play solo and looking for a new experience in conan.

Is this the right server for just that?

Welcome to the forums!

I believe so. This server is built around casual play, PVE and building to ur hearts content. Our community is small, but very tight-knit. Clans are pretty small too, usually 1 or 2 people, but as a general community everyone on the server is willing to help out :slightly_smiling_face:

Will most likely be changing from Pippi to Beyond Admin. We’ll keep Pippi until either it dies or Beyond Admin is released, which ever comes first