Kevlar Wool Balaclava Helmet


Can we get an update on Kevlar Wool Balaclava Helmet price required to update?


Credit from 7667 and
Level from 17 and

which is quite a lot for level 17 on new server. Goes higher faster.

Credit from 12183 and
Level from 26 and

Credit from 14692 and
Level from 31 and

Credit from 19711 and
Level from 41 and

Credit from 24729 and
Level from 51 and

Credit from 29747 and
Level from 61 and

It’s 98004 credits for QL 1-20. Seems quite a lot.

Thank you!

You dont need to upgrade it every level, or you could.
It has always been this expensive, and thats kind of the charm with it :slight_smile:
If it is any consolidation, it get ALOT more expensive later… :stuck_out_tongue:

it has always been expensive. thankfully, there are other head armor in the game, and blitzing missions gives a good amount of credits.

keeping it low ql isnt bad either - the only reason to use that helmet over something better is the +1 critical mod, which is still +1 until ql 100, when it changes to +2.

And its even upgradeable to sharpshooter helmet :slight_smile: