Kh server wipe today 11/5 18.30 uk time wipe

KH is a big community which has been around since the EA release of Conan Exiles. We will open up a third server KH#3 18.30 UK time today fresh and wiped!

Connection Info:
Max Clan Size: 5
Raid Times: 24/7
Open containers
Raiding and Purge will be online from start.
Will have a more harder PvPvE settings aswell


  • Respect The admin. Don’t argue with an admin, accept and respect his/hers decisions
  • English in Global chat please no spamming of other languages
  • No Glitching/Cheating/Exploiting OR MACROS whatsoever (immediate ban of entire clan with base removal) screenshot or video is required.
  • No Building to block paths/NPC areas or in invalid areas. No blocking off rare materials aswell (immediate removal if found)
  • No spamming of foundations around your base or another player base (immediate removal if found) This also includes single workstations, wheels etc. that is found around the map, with no base nearby. (Put them inside your base to be 100% sure)


  • Every base should be raidable at some point.
  • No building during raid or removal of constructions.
  • Only ONE god-bubble each clan/base

**We recommend to record while ingame, we only act on cases with video proof. **


  • If you break any of the rules from above it will result in consequences, the consequences will be decided by admins.