Khari Raider Chest Visual Bug

Game mode: Online Private
Type of issue: Misc(Visual)
Server type: PVE
Region: US

So the Khari Raider chest armor, for males at least, have a visual bug. There seems to be a trianglular shaped mesh attached to the waist area inside the character’s body at all times. You normally can’t see it but if you do most emotes, like sleep, get knockdowned, or even while crouching, you can see it. The mesh seems to point upwards at all times.

The mesh is attached to the Khari Raider chest light armor piece. Tried with equipping other armor pieces along with it or just wearing it alone, the mesh is always in the body.

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Hey @jiitit

Welcome to our community.
Just before we’re relaying this information to our team, could you let us know if you’re playing with any mods installed in that private server?
Also, could you share a screenshot showcasing that imperfection.
Thanks in advance and for your feedback.

Yes. I am using mods on this server.

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I made a video the other day to demonstrate the same issue. This was recorded on an official server.

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Thank you both for the confirmation and evidence. We’ll send it to our team.

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