Khitan Slavers?


Wondering if anyone can explain why the new Khitan sorcerer bounty hunter/sorcery hunter folks are wearing Skelos robes.

What is the story/lore here?

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During the last Livestream teasing the Age of Sorcery Chapter 2 update, Dennis and Andy said something about how they planned on having these Khitan npcs wear a brand new armor set but something on the back end was screwed and it didn’t work. Anyway, sucks because while they went through all the effort to have the Main Khitan npc be fully voiced, they look not all unique from the limited time they will be in game.


The issue they stated (in my words) was that by using code to not allow players to wear the new Bazaar and Battlepass armor, they inadvertently screwed up their own ability to place the armors on NPCs.

We already have a variety of Khitan armours in game. It was one of the first DLCs. If the shiny new set was blocked out, why not use the three sets already present?Likewise they use Lemurian swords rather than the Khitan style weapons.
Very unfortunate.

Then again, we don’t even see NPCs in gear included in the base game. Who wears Hyrkanian or Stygian raider gear on the regular? Kambujan?
Likewise the Dragonbone armour…

By now, this one just assumed that adding new looks for NPCs was not a thing they intended to do much.

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Yeah, that is unfortunate. So many great already existing assets that would really add some character to the map.

I hope they don’t give up on that.


Because this hood hide their faces :wink:. You cannot easily see that they are not Khitan npcs either :rofl::rofl::rofl:. It was a smart choice if you ask me…
Anyways, let’s hope one day this will be implemented correctly!

It would be a smart marketing move, because these sets are really beautiful looking! So maybe this would convince players who don’t own this dlc to own it!

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