Kick it up. We need songs. Grant the follower the ability to sing

Can anyone teach any of these cats to sing? And do a square dance when in groups - - actually, being able to hold hands with your partner? We can swing along branches of bamboo doing Karate or Kungfu. Want a few classes taught by a thralls especially something useful like Karate. Kick it.

I will support this if it’s a singing pig/boar and only a singing pig/boar. Maybe a singing camel if it’s a mount and I can sing with it as we traverse the world of Conan Exiles.

Nah, don’t do that. Just have a new type of thrall called bards. One you break them you can put them into your musical instruments. Hard, khitan thing, drums. Include some more instruments. And then they would constantly play the instruments in your base.


Have them do stuff like this, be able to take MIDI music files and put them in the game files and be able to play whatever songs you want your thralls to play.

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