Kick needs a rework

At the moment, kick is like super close ranged channeling stun skill. It’s completely useless unless you’re in a 2v1 situation, since you push the guy away just as much as you push yourself while kicking.

Yeah, kick is so hard to pull off it should knock theenemy down as a reward.
Then again there would be knock down locks happening…

I’d like to see Kick either do one of two things:

  1. Kick interrupts a heavy attack animation. For example, an NPC is applying a heavy swing with say a Hardened Steel Maul, and a well-timed Kick stops the attack (interrupts the NPCs animation).
  2. Kick knocks back an enemy a step or two.

Of course, it would be great if Kick did both: interrupts a heavy attack and knocks back an enemy a step or two.


I like the idea of kick breaking hyper armor because something needs to be done about hyper armor. Kick would be a good low damage heavy attack interrupt. Not sure about push back though. Makes it more difficult to follow a kick with an attack.


I would already be happy with shouting: “Madness?!.. This… Is… Spartaaaa!!!” Woops. wrong line. :joy:
I really had 3 people going at me in a base south of newbie river up at some cliff/rock and tried to send at least one of them flying… did kick one of them twice, but they didnt fly down while obiously they managed to kill me. (Not that hard with (almost?) toptier equipment (hardened steel or up) against fiber+stone.)
Though I must admit, one of them completely surprised me while I was at the smith and for a second I though it was only a clanmember doing some trick on me… If only I didnt hesitate killing him (he was down to 50%, out of stamina and there I thought he wanted to surrender… ahahah.) I would have been able to secure our stuff… Now that thing is a ruin with two of us seeking revenge. (That would have been hilarious though, as I only had ancient daggers while he had hardened steel or something like that. I hate when I loose any ability to stay calm and think fast about those things.)