Kicked back to main menu from co op within 5 seconds with no reason please HELP

hey guys i dont know if anyone else has been experiencing this but anytime i try loading into my friends server in co op it will load me in for maybe 10 seconds max then zip me back to the main menu in a flash with no reason why… please help!!!

I re installed the game it allowed me to join his server for maybe 50 min then when we were going back to main base and the game kicked me and has continued doing the same thing kicking me after 10 seconds with no error report/reason im seriously going to fuuuuuuuuucccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkking snap we have put so much time into this game and now its not allowing us to join each others games and also he doesnt receive my invites to join my server fix this shit or give me a refund!!!

Hello, well i think i figured out what is causing, i have the same problem, and i think its the treasure chest, when you get close near one i’ll be kicked out, idk what do we have in common to happen to us and idk how to fix it

It does the same thing for me automatically kicks me up for everything doesn’t matter if I go PVPPE co-op whatever as well as I can’t use my crafting queue in my items menu for some unknown reason does anybody have the same issue with that?