Kicked without any reason from RF


Kicked without any reason. People doing the same for many people in RF without thinking about what they doing. :rage:


Must be because you’re so OP in pve.


Shouting at people to suck your polearm while being half drunk usually gets you a kick :smiley:


Today i was calm and i tried help people to finish raid finder only. :disappointed:


if 16 people voted to kick you there isn’t much else to say…


There is actually, don’t let some clouded vision block your thought process because you dislike the guy ( I assume). U can click “kick” from any person in raid, and sheep will follow you for no reason, and that guy will be kicked for no reason


Actually this guy was kicked for a reason. He keeps spamming to suck his polearm and other nasty things for no reason on global, chat etc. People remembered him and it was some kind of payback :d


If you don’t see my character is named Tebakar. :blush:


Also, its fresh one. Sheeps just clicked yes without any reason.


It’s all very simple, in a game community as small as AoC’s, if you act like an @sshole in game, it will be held against you.


I ■■■■■■■ if people really turn me on. Anyway, o was kicked without reason, and many people were kicked same like me.


I have also been kicked from RF and without any apparent reason. I got a few tells saying someone did not like me and had started a kick. I was main tanking bat in t3.5 and got kicked apparently on 2nd kick attempt. Very frustrating as it had taken about 1 hour to get there to then miss final kill by 25%. So some will say i was obviously kicked cos it had taken 1 hour but from my perspective i had done nothing wrong and was contributing more than many others. And no idea why. Part of the problem is that the victim cannot see the kick attempt so first you know you are back in Paikang. It seems a lot of people just click on the spam, especially if there are a few going.

I would propose that firstly victim can see kick effort … even if it is to say it gas been started against you … maybe leave out the numbers?

Secondly i think there should be forced options as to why the kick has been started as it is not always apparent when you are being asked to vote … maybe AFK, troll, etc


Whats the point of this thread? You act like a child in the global chat then you get kicked from RF cos of it. And you are supriced?


He must be pretty bad too because I carry on in global all the time and I never get rf vote kicked.


If i say something on global i have reason so stop crying. I was kicked without reason on another RF, on another char? What is point on this thread? People kicking everyone like blind eyes sheeps.


What is point on this thread?

You tell us dude you started the thread. Seems like another whiny post to me


You too seems to be two blind sheeps like most of people in RF. I can be on global who i want, if i have reason i write mr mr moriala. :wink:


I’m suprices how dogs from ivory towel attacked me then i got kicked because i wrote too much.


And then you wonder why people kick you :slight_smile: The same happens to the very known person a.k.a 21cm, he cant play RF at all :smiley: Sucking your polearm is also not a good phrase to make new friends


In your eyes i can be ■■■■■■■ but what i can say. I’m not, i don’t do anything without reasons. Someone attacking me then i’m turning on. But okay, i will try to be calm. Have a niceee game. :green_heart: