Killed while offline

I run an isle of siptah server called An Unexpected Journey. I had one of the players on my server come to me and complain about being killed while he was off line. Offline raiding is prohibited on the server. His event log simply said his name and was killed. One of my admins said it was a game glitch. The player asked me to test a few things just to be sure. I thought I would share what I found out incase anyone else was dealing with this issue. Each time he was killed his none of his thralls moved or returned home per the event logs. His bed or whatever bench his body was left by when he logged off had taken damage. I personally could not kill him without damaging something. As far as I know game glitches do not damage furniture. When I entered his base cloaked,in ghost mode, and then took myself out of ghost mode to kill him. His event log said just killed. Since I changed my admin password he has not been killed while offline.

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There is the possibility that his bed had already been damaged either by a purge or just an accidental miss click.

I think it’s more likely something hinky was going on so it was probably a good thing you changed the password

The only time I’ve seen my event log not displaying what destroyed or killed something is in the case of being hit by meteors, but if that had happened it would have been immediately obvious because they leave giant holes in buildings

Hopefully it doesn’t happen anymore

This has been going on for a very long time. There are several reasons besides being “glitched” that can cause him to die. The most common is he is laying on his bed when he logs out. (especially since you said the bed had been damaged, this is likely the reason). Next would be he logs out too close to forges/fires and the heat dehydrates him before the chunk unloads and he dies of thirst. This also happens with food if he was very low when he logs.

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I thought that at first. It happens like when people put fireplaces in their desert homes for design purposes. They literally cook themselves. That’s why I checked his base. So far on sipta though it as only happened to two people on my server and both of those guys hurt my admin’s feelings over things not related to the running of the server.

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Since the password change no one else has been killed. I have an educated guess that my admin may have been doing this to other people as well. I just wanted people to beware it could happen and what to look for.

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