Killing Thralls

I can’t capture anything over tier I and !! thralls. Using a steel truncheon it kills anything tier 3, 4 and named. It also doesn’t matter which truncheon I use, all 3 kill 3, 4 and named. This is in Single Player mode, so not sure if it is patch related (I suspect it is) or something else. My reasoning is it seemed to work okay before the last two thrall patches. Hope this helps and thanks for continuing to work with this game.

Is it possible you have the damage multiplier turned up on your custom game? If so, that could be the culprit.


There have been a few changes to the thralls over the past several months and that could contribute to the effects you are seeing. Lots of fine tuning is going on now on testlive. Also, Melkat is spot on about the server settings.

You did not mention if you were using blunt attachments. If not, they reduce the health damage and increase the KO effect and are highly recommended.



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Anytime I see someone post this issue. I always recommend setting the server settings back to default. It has always done the trick same goes for one shot knockouts.


Hi @gwylan21, is this happening with the latest patch and after resetting your server settings to default as it has been suggested?


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