King Elk Trophy Heads disappearing from inventory

Single-player: no mods

King Elk Trophy Heads keep disappearing from inventory.

  • Got a Trophy, put it in my tannery station.
    Went and got another of the same kind - came back… it was gone.

  • Went and got another Trophy, of the same kind - no problem, they both stacked (2) in my tannery.

  • Logged back in… and its not there.
    note: I have no idea when they went missing… I did take all items out, and replace them, to organize.
    (no, I did not accidentally drop anything - but I may have overlooked that taking all the items out is when it disappeared… since Im not expecting items to go missing.)

Though I’d not expect this to happen … any chance that the tannery converted them to leather??
I’ve never put trophies into a tannery. I picked up a Kudo head trophy the other day and it did not disappear from my inventory.

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Wow - that would be horrible, though plausible - and if that is the case… no biggy, a ‘live and learn.’

Guess I can try to stack somewhere else to see if it happens, and maybe put another ‘lesser’ trophy head in there to see if this was the case.

Thanks for the idea!

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