King Kappa don't appear

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [EU]

On Server #1090 King Kappa (Shaleback King) don’t appear on map (J5 Location). People build a castle front on the water and the King Kappa don’t appear on this location after build. King Kappa removed from this area. Any idea to fix this. Thanks

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Go to J5 location King Kappa
  2. I see a castle building water front
  3. King Kappa never appeared in the area again

Foundations/buildings destroy re-spawns in a circle (could be s sphere) around them. The distance from the nearest foundation is in serversettings.ini which, as a player on an official server, you cannot alter.

Them’s just the rules.

The only thing I can think of is to talk with your neighbor and tell them your plight, see if they could move back a bit. That was my main source of meat for quite a while.

there is another King Kappa here.



I’ve never seen the player online before. The building is on the top of water and go under. I think is a good idea to block construction in these areas or to make king kappa appear elsewhere in the area. Because it is easy for a player to interfere with the game. Currently impossible to contact the player. So the only solution is for Funcom to find a solution to this bug.

Can’t you erect a signpost as near as possible to the player’s castle, and write your question on it, if other ways to contact the player failed?

Player name is Akatsuki and I’ve never seen it online before.

I could suggest you check Player List from the escape menu often, but you probably do that anyway.

The signpost is a good idea, hell, surround his castle with them.

I would, although, ask you to consider what would happen if that were removed. We would all have trees growing through our houses and critters spawning inside. It’s all part of the same system and set the same for all official PvE servers, a radius. You could move to a private server where the owner has control over it, or host your own.

Respectfully, I do not consider it a bug, but an integral part of the eco-system, if you will. I actually think it is rather well designed and use it in a private on-line server to block out unwanted spawns. Perhaps that is a mis-use of it, but I got tired of killing three panthers (4?) when porting to the obelisk nearest the Pagoda, where I have a semi-large base. Due to strategically placed foundations, that no longer happens. I get my adrenaline elsewhere.

Regards, and good luck


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It would simply be necessary to move the apparation to another area not appear on the same area.

The concept is rather silly to me because someone who wants to interfere with the game built on all the locations where animals appear and thus blocks the game. For example, putting walls around obelisks…

And saying to become the owner of a server or to play alone or to go on a private server is clearly not a solution. Just a pretext to say we don’t have a solution or don’t want to solve the problem

Putting up a sign I don’t really see the point otherwise I’m going to circle his castle and it will be clearer as a message, right?

Jim Thanks anyway for your help.

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You wrote that it is impossible to contact the player. I just wanted to show that there is a way to tell him about your problem. He may not read the sign, but it is worth a try, I’d say :wink:

Like Jim1 said, the game needs to remove NPC and resource spawns in the vicinity of our buildings; otherwise we would either have various animals and bits of shrubbery spawning inside our bases, or most of the map would become no-build zones. Neither of these options is viable. It would also probably be too much trouble to move NPC spawns further away from our buildings instead of simply deactivating them. Many animal spawns have been placed into areas that look like their nests.

For boss and miniboss creatures, it might be possible to introduce a “secondary spawning area” nearby if one spawn point is blocked, until that too is blocked. Probably still not worth the trouble of coding because critters like the shaleback king or rocknose king aren’t by any means necessary or irreplaceable resources for anyone. But at this point we’re veering towards the realm of Suggestions instead of bug reports. The phenomenon you reported is not a bug, it’s a feature.

Boss in the south for low level are rare. We should forbid to build where there’s a boss. Or else make it appear later on. Because being forced to kill bigger bosses when you’re low level is not really fairplay and it kills the progress of new players. But then it’s a matter of respect and good understanding with the other players.

I think it’s a bug because a boss disappears because of a construction. Imagine you build where there is the dragon boss and you can no longer complete the quest.

Then it’s safe for players who are selfish and don’t think about the new one, that’s another problem.

You can’t build in the dungeon where the undead dragon is. I don’t think you can spawn-block any of the vital NPCs in the world (unless you build a huge wall that encompasses very large areas around the dungeon entrances - but that’s actually one of the rare cases where Funcom admins take action against the blocking player).

A miniboss is just a miniboss, nothing irreplaceable. The world wouldn’t end, and you wouldn’t miss any special resources (except for a couple of wall decorations), even if there were no minibosses in the world. These minibosses are by no means required for a lower-level player’s progress.

Well, getting the head of a boss creature (journey step) is easier with the shaleback boss or the king elk than with a red dragon… :wink:

The head of a boss creature (journey step) is necessary for lower level.
But I would like to believe that for you it is of no interest, but for beginner players it is.

I don’t think you remember the missions of the new players

Yes exactly, problem the King Elk is in the north and not in the south where the beginner players are.

There are a couple of easily accessible Rocknose kings in the game, one of which is southeast of the Black Galleon (this is how I got the journey step back in the day, not quite so long ago that I wouldn’t remember it). And there are Shaleback kings near Sepermeru, too. And indeed so many Elk kings that it would be an enormous effort to spawn-block them all. Some of them are more easily accessible than others, and I wouldn’t recommend a low-level player to wander up to the highlands, because the aggressive bears and wolves (especially in multiples) can be dangerous.

You don’t need to do journey steps in order (and in fact, you probably end up accidentally completing several higher-tier ones before you even know they exist). You don’t need to do them at all. So stressing over one mini-boss spawn feels unnecessary; there’s plenty of opportunity to get it. If all else fails, the Unnamed City is a no-build zone so as a last resort you can go kill a dragon (which, by the way, is also a journey step) and get its head. Two journey steps in one fell swoop!

But you will not see the steps of the next chapter if you did not finish the one before.

Hey there @Gunta0, unfortunately we’re unable to directly assist with problems of this nature, as stated in this post.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and hope that you’re able to work this out with any of the players involved!


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