Kingdoms of the Damned - NOTHING LIKE OTHER SERVERS - War & Magic

It’s time to put down the lore for a bit, and change the way you play Conan forever!

There are tons of Conan Servers out there. Some offer slight differences from others, such as:

⦁ Higher Lvls
⦁ Faster Crafting
⦁ Item Stacking
⦁ etc…

But once you hit lvl 60+ you quickly find yourself in one of 2 roles:

  1. Builder of beautiful things, that no one ever comes to look at, or,
  2. Destroyer of beautiful things, till no one wants to look at you.

Well, its time to shake things up!
Kingdoms of the Damned offers what pretty much all these official and modded servers present…but also, a lot more.


“Damned is your existance, bound to this prison with no hope of freedom. You , and many like you have been sent here to rot. This place is death, everywhere you travel, beasts, cannibals, and demons lust for your flesh. But, I bring you a glimmer of hope, Damed One. Within this realm lies the means to your survival, even the means to conquer and rule all others. This land holds within it, the fonts of power which belonged to the kings of old. The magic contained in these relics are surpassed by none, and were given to man by the old gods.” -Avatar Bale

What makes this world different then others you’ve visited is, War & Magic!

The chosen Rulers of each region have been given special abilities, through the possesion of powerful Crowns and Scepters that support them in securing their realm. Each King/Queen is currently expanding their Castles and, in turn, theri entire regions, and even now, they are recruiting those who will live upon their lands, trading loyalty for protection.

The true stain upon the land, however, comes in the form of a highly sought out object called the “Fist of Essence”. Even the Rulers tremble when rumor proclaims another of these Relics have been found.


The powers at the command of the owner of this weapon are so immense, it renders the user corrupted everytime the weapon is weilded. Yet, the trade off is usually well worth it when a “Warlock” is shredding a fortress to debris. A King who commands this power is said to be the Ultimate Being!

The community of KotD shapes the world and the creators have taken the souls of willing vessels to join in the toils and victories of the Damned Ones. Without their powers, they work just as hard as those they created.

This server hosts a few mods that are checked daily for validity and a few of the mods are server specific so they are modified by server admin.

Join the Kingdoms of the Damned Discord now at

And be part of this growing Empire. If you yourself want to be King/Queen, it’s a very simple strategy to become the next ruler…just take the Crown.


Kingdoms of the Damned
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I like very much the mod list and the presentation but only 15 slots it’s a shame ;(