Kinscourge Exploit

Game mode is single player by the way. I found out a cheese with the Kinscourge. There’s railings for the stairs and the walkways in the boss room, and I can stand behind that to protect me. When I got the Kinscourge to half health - after much attacking and running away to heal - I thought about a cheese. lol. Using the railing to keep me alive.

I managed to kill him with my Two Handed sword hitting through the holes of the railings, and the Kinscourge didn’t lay another hit on me since then. Thought it was worth pointing out that it could be an exploit, even if it was fun. Maybe whenever someone tries that, have the Kinscourge do his attack where he raises his hand in the air and some energy turns into a ball as it explodes.

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Hey @Trappist01x, thank you for bringing this cheese to our attention, we shall grate it as soon as possible!


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