Klael’s Stronghold

At some point in this game, Klael’s Stronghold will be blocked to build?

Should be.

There are trolls nearby.

Why? its not even a point of interest there is no reward for going there.

Depends if you live at de Oasis up west from there. The troll build up across Klae’s Stronghold to block the way there.

P.S.: It is not a place of interest now, but in a future must be since Klael is quoted in the poor lore of the game.

I would say building around crucial access points is not “nice”. But there are so many access points to go to the oasis so I do not see the problem. Maybe you cant run in a straight line, but thats how the game is ment to be to allow building in many places and also this is what attracts many players.

I think that it is more important to look at the growing issue about building around oblisks and blocking them of for the public to use.

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I believe there is an obelisk in front/east of Klael’s Stronghold…

… and don’t play on PVE servers.

It was a joke guys… calm down!

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