Klein is so fat

Klein’s hitbox is huge. Or maybe not his hitbox. Whatever it is that tells whether or not you’re targeting an enemy. During the final fight of Ankh, Klein will very easily eat up the tank’s pulls when trying to pull the adds down. Even if you’re facing away from Klein if you’re standing too close, he can still gobble up a pull.

to make things worse, if your camera is set too high above your character then Klein’s target box disappears completely and you can’t target him. You have to angle the camera from a lower spot. I don’t like this. I like the camera to be somewhere between 30 and 40 degrees above my character’s back looking down. I think this might be because at the height that Klein is at, the camera being up that high might cause it to clip through whatever ceiling bounding box is in that space making the game think you don’t have line of sight. Just a guess, but it makes a ton of sense knowing how this game works.