Knock down on death, help me my friend!

Hello Everyone,

I had an idea and i dont know if it would work for this game but here we go.

I would like to suggest that you add a mechanic where you get knocked down when you die and then slowly bleed out. While you are down you clan m8 can get you up again, with 10% health. You should also be able to get your self up again but slower the a clan m8 can.

This would do two things, one you have a chance to escape by taking lethal fall damage and you can keep the fight going if the clan get you up again.

There is ofc more things that this would do but most are positive if it is done right :slight_smile:


DbD style crawling/dying and using strictly bandages to get back on your feet?

Not against the idea. It could be a great idea


Yeah, something like that would be really interesting.

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