Knocked out NPCs = clutter & no reward / Named NPCs = weak

1: Grab an exceptional Pike, put a bunted end on it - and it knocks hostile NPCs out.
Great way to get a Thrall, but a bad way to interact with any other, non-wanted, hostile NPC.

I personally love to go with the minimum amount of items when I go out hunting for goods.
(Black Ice, etc.) On my way - have no idea if I might pick up a named Thrall. (I do sometimes)

1b: However, in the process the ground is littered with useless bodies.

  • Cant loot
  • Cant kill
  • They just lay there unconscious

I get it - just bring another weapon - but, I don’t want to. :wink:

2: Named Thralls:
Being Purged - just give your Thrall buddy a blunted pike.
(I mean, what can go wrong - you have the same weapon - its worked on your mighty adventures…)

  • Except, the Named NPCs die before going unconscious when your buddy helps.
  • Same amount of damage should be happening (just should go unconscious a little faster)
    Really kinda sucks… as I had three Named NPCs in my purge, My Thrall, (tier 3 by the way) used my exact weapon and was through two of them before I was through one!
  • So - how can they use the same weapon and go through that fast (Im around lvl 50, my tier 3 that much better? Same armor level, same weapon - but my Thrall really can go through them fast.)


  • Any NPC that is Tier 1-3, they will go unconscious when my Thrall hits them - (Named NPCS are weak!) lol!

The purge is hard enough, have a white dragon descending on my base - tier 3 (Im a single player role player - no mods) and enjoy crafting - but hate to see all my 11 animals and 7 tier 3 thralls dead by the end of it… along with my statues demolished etc. (By the time I build it back up - another purge will happen.)

  • I got it, go admin and lesson the default level from 6 to something lower.

As of now, this is two issues - but the same base.

  • What’s going on with the unconscious state of NPCs
  • Again, no loot - no killing - and Named NPCs die before they go unconscious while 1-3 are tougher and wont die. (Suppose its how you look at it - they are weaker so they faint sooner)
  • Again, clutter if this is your primary weapon taken on adventure to maximize space and maybe pick up a named thrall - you get to see bodies everywhere with no way to get anything for your time spent fighting.

Hey @Dhaylen

Thanks for the detailed run-down of your report. We’ll send it to our team to see if there’s any inconsistency with the stamina of T4 thralls.

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I really have no clue, what your point is of that rant…
You want to kill people -> take a weapon with you. And it doesnt mather if the person is knocked out or not… You want to kill? Bring a weapon…

A pike, compared to a truncheon, has DMG and will make DMG. A thrall makes way more dmg than yourself with the SAME weapon.

T4 thralls need longer to be knocked out -> more hits with weapon. More hits with a weapon that makes dmg, makes what? More DMG!! (big surprise here).

Again, this is all the result of your plaiyng style which you dont want to change, because taking a truncheon and a weapon would be 2-3kg more weight and would remove all “your problems”.

I still dont get the “use pike instead of truncheon” logic. Why should I ever do that? To kill weaker T4s, before knocking them out?
I have found so many steel truncheon or improved steel truncheon…

And T4s should have longer knock-out time… They are the stronged thralls.


1: In real life, if you are knocked out - you can be looted

  • Take roleplaying into account where you may want to act as ‘master thief’ and not kill hostile npcs, this is one aspect of why one may wish to knock out than loot, and hope the body does not linger to pile up - as it can and does do if you are farming certain camps.

2: In real life, someone gets knocked out they can be killed
(In game, ‘hacking’ their body is the only way to get the body to disappear)

  • In light of the above, take the current state of things where, when you go slightly away from a camp, hostile npcs auto respawn - upon return the bodies of the dead/unconscious hostile npcs do not.
    *This is something already reported and talked about in another thread with @Ignasi

3: Tier 4 thralls are harder to kill - Yes, I agree they should be… but are not.

  • Which is more likely to happen first?
    a: Bleeding out / passing out?
    b: Dying?
    If you said ‘a’ - then we agree. If you said ‘b’, then we are at an impasse.

  • The fact that a tier 4 Thrall dies before blacking out is just - illogical
    (While a tier 1-3 thrall is robust enough that they won’t bleed out - merely being rendered unconscious)

  • A tier 4 thrall can be rendered unconscious by myself or my thrall - if only one of us is the attacker.
    (In theory, the tier 4 thrall should go unconscious quicker, when both of us attack with a blunted weapon - not die each time… though the risk of them bleeding to death would be higher)

4: Regarding “rant” / “play style”

  • My post is not meant as a ‘rant’ - merely observations/thoughts about gameplay
  • No need to “get the logic” of why I play a certain way (the joy of games is the flexibility - no?)
    In a way - it reminds me of those who hated the Halloween event last year - or hate feeding their pets, and perhaps don’t consider that others enjoy it - so what is the middle ground?
    (There is an admin panel, that could easily have one switch, to turn things off and on.)
  • Having options is a good thing, no? (I believe we could agree you would not want to be restricted in how you play your game?) :slight_smile:

Hopefully this is more clear and concise than my original post.


The thing is, you base all that things on your role-play opinion… But as RP is only really good on PC with mods, most (and me too) dont care about such stuff…

Ad 2) Where do you have that, they auto-respawn? Which thread?

Ad 3) The fact you use a weapon the slap someone KO is just - ILLOGICAL (case closed).

Ad 4) Everyone can play the game as they want… And RP players play it completely different. No problem with that :slight_smile:

But wanting illogical things fixed -> a weapon should not kill? Is just ?!?!?!

The problem with T4s, besides fighters is, that there is no difference in their crating skills, but in their health pool.

An exiles T4 armorer is 1hit kill for me. A T4 armorer from sepermeru needs more beating.
But both have the same knockdown-healthbar, as both can craft kinda the same thing (for their faction).

So if Funcom balances T4 working thralls stamina/knockdown-healthbar to their faction, most T4s from weaker factions will be 1-hit KO, which is just…

Perhaps you are misunderstanding what was stated - as its pretty well known what happens:
live NPCs respawn - dead/unconscious stay

Fine - don’t believe your acquiescence is required.
Either it works for you or not.
(You do realize they allow you to blunt your weapons, specifically, to knock people out?) :wink:

Clearly nothing I said is of use - not quite sure why you’re wasting your time on this particular thread.
Its a known fact that you cannot reason with someone illogical - and I don’t want to waste your time. :slight_smile:

Dont worry - if it doesn’t need to be ‘fixed’ - there is no danger that my comment will change anyone’s mind and ruin your game! lol!

Have a great day!

Ad 2) Oh, single player… You dont have that bug/behavior online. Thats probably the reason FC doesnt fix it.

The same can I say to you…

A knock-out item which has dmg, makes dmg. Hence why Truncheons dont have dmg, so they dont make dmg, yet you refuse to accept this…

I even explained to you, why T4 thralls have a high knockout/stamina bar, compared to <T4.

“Your” fix would make the game easier, as T4 thralls from weaker factions would be knocked-out faster…

And you too!

you missed that - its a choice to blunt the weapon. And most of the time, even with tier 4, they go unconscious - but you would have to read my thread, and be open, to actually hear what is being said. :wink:

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And you need to read this and try to understand it. I will paste it again:

The problem with T4s, besides fighters is, that there is no difference in their crating skills, but in their health pool.

An exiles T4 armorer is 1hit kill for me. A T4 armorer from sepermeru needs more beating.
But both have the same knockdown-healthbar, as both can craft kinda the same thing (for their faction).

So if Funcom balances T4 working thralls stamina/knockdown-healthbar to their faction, most T4s from weaker factions will be 1-hit KO, which is just…

PS.: You can add the blunt fiting to bows too, to use it for knockout. But there exists the same problem and yet people do it and can use it… :slight_smile: (and was used really often in PvP before the latest patch).

As I said, if FC “fixes” this problem for you, the game will be easier, as weaker factions T4 would be 1hit KO.

OR real fix: If you add blunting fitting to a weapon, the weapon makes 0 dmg.

And I hope you know, that you can add the blunt fitting to truncheons too, to make them better! (or the oil).

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I understand this concern - and it can be mitigated by making the number of hits to kill the same with blunted weapon to knock them out.

Cool - but, I still want to loot them. :wink:
Hence the time it takes to knock out has to equal that to kill them - or it could be seen as too easy.

Bye the way - I appreciate your attempt at meeting me half way with your idea about the blunted weapon.

So either they have to lower the knock-down bar to a joke for endgame players (for easier factions) or raise the hitpoints for T4 from weaker factions to be as strong as from volcano, so that even endgame players are troubled.

So T4 exiles fighters would kill all new players, but when someone finally manages to capture it, it will have a really low health pool (compared to volcano).

The easiest and fasted would be, to set dmg to 0 if you add blunting fitting to it… (and the only one, I can think of currently which would make sense).

Either all thralls from a fraction behave the same or not… Everything else is just band aiding or changing it to a flawed illogical system.

But be happy with exiles fighters who can kill endgame players, because someone wants to knock out weaker faction players with a weapon :smiley:

PS.: Try to come up with a good solution, which would make sense. Which would be logical… The only solution I can think of, is removing dmg from blunted weapons… Maybe you have a better one? :smiley:

Im perfectly fine with what you’re suggesting.
(I do not pvp, so this may affect you more than me)

1: I do carry one weapon when I go farming.

  • Not a truncheon - as I have to deal with animals, who don’t get knocked out.
  • And not a damage fitted one, as I may run into a Tier 4 thrall (happens occassionaly)

Yes, Im stubborn about every slot I have - and why I carry the one blunted pike.
(And why I need it to do both damage and knock-out ‘damage’)

Easy solution is: Carry two weapons. (I got it)
My observations, and why I started this thread, was based on the results of such game play.

  • ie., bodies piling up - staying there even after going a short distance away, coming back, everyone respawns, but clutter is on the ground. (looking for that tier 4 on the way home)
  • not being able to carry any loot from them
    (yes, it would feel like cheating for most - as they go unconscious quicker… well, unless you are a tier 4 getting whooped on by me and a thrall - with a blunted weapon) lol!

So, its all good - don’t want to stress anyone out over this. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for sharing.

There is no stress about anything… We just have a discussion here from 2 viewpoints (yours and mine).

But yeah, the problem with your body piling is single-player related… So I also get your viewpoint…

PS.: Try to farm for one of the Baal-Pteor weapons! They have 0 weight! (Yes, ZERO!) And the Razor even gives you +5 enc (the 2h-mace gives you +5 str)'s_Razor's_Lodestone
BUT: I have >3 Blade of Adventures and only 1 of these 2 Baal-Pteor weapons… So they are either rare or RNG f**ked me over :smiley:

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Awesome - that, I can definitely work with, thanks for the tip! :slight_smile:

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I’m confused. If you have something that does damage, you just kill the knocked out NPC, and get the loot. There’s no reason to leave the bodies just laying around if you don’t want them laying around.

You cant actually kill a knocked out NPC…

… at least, not on single-player.

Not sure where you got that idea from.

This has always been possible in the Vanilla game.

Notice that I am even using an exceptional pike with the advanced blunt mod on it to do so.

And yes, this is on Single Player.

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Thank you so much…

Went in to see what was happening.
a: The health still did not go down when selected on target
(This is because, even though it showed I was selected on target, my weapon was hitting everything around it - walls, etc. - it would not ‘lock’ onto target.)

b: When I harvest dead bodies, I just use my pick - so I auto switch, out of habit, to the pick when the hostile npc’s go unconscious.
Two flaws with this:

  • It would take forever killing them this way
  • Most importantly, my pick doesn’t always register to objects on the ground - namely dead animal carcasses, etc. - So its not registering on the dead bodies.

Switched it up, and got both to work.

Thanks, everyone, for their patience.

Also this partially clears up one issue I mentioned @Ignasi, about the bodies piling up on single-player.

  • Though - I will reiterate the issue that I have had is not limited to the pick missing bodies.
    I have, in the past, tried with the pike to kill them on the ground, away from walls, buildings, etc. - and have not had their health go down. As if it was stabbing the ground all around and not registering their bodies.
  • What Im unsure of is if this is tied to the fact that sometimes bodies glitch into the ground - it used to happen more frequently where Im at in the north.

Fingers crossed… at least I got it to work - hopefully, when I go to farm the camps on the plateau, it will work as intended. (In my purge - recently - this issue existed, thus solidifying my limited experience that it didn’t work at all.)

Thanks again!
Hopefully this helps someone else who runs into this issue. :slight_smile:

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Yeah… I also encounter this bug way more often at the Mounds of the dead or sometimes New Asgarath as to other places in the south…