Knocked Out Thralls still fall underground

Knocked Out Thralls still fall underground (alot). After knocking out a Thrall, many times it will fall into the ground, You have to run out of rendering distance and return to get it to pop back up. Usually happens in the mtn. areas and lowlands around the west side of tower.

AMD Rizen 3 2200G w/Radeon Vega Graphics 3.50ghz
64bit Operating System and processor
Windows 10 Home
16gb ram

I have had this problem in i8 and j8 when fighting bulls by that leyshrine. It is happening in both base game, and livetest game. :rage:

Sidenote: Thinking it was a tL glitch I deleted my character. :sleepy: I said nvm when it comes to tL, but now that I seen this post I am reconsidering it. :man_shrugging:

PS: Oh Hi Suka! Lol. Just realized it was you.

US PVE-C West Server

-AMD 5950x CPU
-Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit OS
-Gskills Tridentz 64 gbs RAM
-Nvidia GTX EVGA 2070 Black- GPU
-1000w Evga Gold PSU

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Ah, exiled lands problem - Isle of Siptah problem