Krllyandian figurine on siptah

Can anyone help me with a spawn location? It’s the last one I need to grind!


This video may help you.


I do remember collecting this on grey camps areas. But i cannot remember exactly where. Don’t forget to climb im these little turets you’ll see, it has many khari steel and fragments as well.

Aren’t figurine spawns a RNG pick between several options?
I’m not sure you’re guaranteed to get a specific one in a specific spot 100% of the time XD

I do not play Siptha that often, but I do know one location on the dock where I have ALWAYS found the exact same one ever single time. So at least that location appears to be fixed, or I have just hit the same RNG number 20 times in a row, which I highly doubt.

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One can be found on a high walkway, north side of the Bloodmine. As long as your platform isn’t freezing and crashing if you visit the Isle of Dusk.

Wish I could mark solution twice because this one is also right

There are a lot of figurines of this monster in pirate camps. One of them can be found if you enter West Island from the north and immediately turn left. In a small pirate camp on a rocky ledge.

No, the figurines have no rng, they spawn the same in exactly the same spot. They just have some hours of respawn but way less than fragment chests respawn.

On a related note, I have NEVER found the Shaggai Huntress figurine. :face_with_diagonal_mouth: Anyone know a location? My collection needs to be completed! :face_holding_back_tears:

@jmk1999, this is the rarest figurine. I found only one place of her spawn, somewhere in the gray one`s camps, I don’t remember exactly where, but not in the main city - for sure.

PS I’m lying… just remembered that it is in the mine of the first people, on the Western Island, somewhere on the middle level… I’m sorry. My memory is shaking…

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No worries… I’ll try to look when I get a chance. If you have any more information later, feel free to follow up. Thanks.

I just remembered now … I was a big specialist in pirate camps, I gathered a huge gang of these guys))) but the shaggai was not there, and I thought for a long time that the gray ones had it … and then I found it with these eccentrics in the mine …

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More specifically, you mean the scrawling paths on the dusk island when you say mine, right?

I think this is what is officially called ‘The Bloodmine’
The Bloodmine - Official Conan Exiles Wiki (

I now remember that there was another place. There is a place in the shattered citadel where the skeleton of a serpentman fights with everyone else. So, outside, behind the wall, at the foot of the stairs, a figurine of a Shaggai hunter will spawn.

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Well… I checked both locations and nothing. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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There were no figurines? According to my observations, they appear in about 30-40% of cases.

Grey pools mini boss!
In Siptah this area was my main.
This area is the key to grow and get rich in no time. You die easy low lvl, true, but no pain no gain they say :man_shrugging:. @jmk1999 spend an afternoon in Grey pools and all the rest camps of the Grey ones and you’ll get sick gathering figurines :wink:.