Kurak dungeon bug and trick to learn the kurak armor

does anyone else have problems with the kurak dungeon? when the golem wave ends, nothing happens.
I tried it 5 times a day and it was the same every time.

who, like me, missed learning the kurak armor for the first time, here is a little trick:
go into the dungeon and end the game without going to the main menu, then it starts again and you are back in the dungeon, it is empty but you can learn the armor board/recipe from kurak like this.

Yes actually I had some loading issues too. At the Golem stage, a wizard is meant to spawn in to fight but he did not appear. I finished off the golems but the dungeon did not progress to the zombie stage. Oddly, I found a bunch of dead zombies that appeared on the ground when I was looking around. I had to wait for the blood beast to spawn in. He then killed my thrall…that sucked.


when this happens, don t wait, kill yourself, you will spawn in your base with all your gear, your inventory, and your thralls that will still follow you even if game say you they stop to follow u when you die.


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