Kutcheme wildlife camps

Hey there,

since the SG updates, the mini camps/wildlife camps in Kuthch are chasing, for most, the group of players.
mobs don’t camp near the relics chests anymore, and rush up to players.

why is that? is it a desired behavior by devs? it makes Kutch hard as hell in waves >13, even with proper veteran and geared group, and the mechanic is quite the same as in SG, so kinda redundant…

if it’s not a desired thing, are you planning on a hotfix for it?

tyty :slight_smile:


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It’s a known issue, but not sure, if it was intended or not. My guess is that is was not intended.

Nonetheless there is a hotfix announced for today, so we’ll have to wait and see what gets fixed.

thanks! awesome, i missed the info about the hotfix! thanks again!


" Onslaught

  • Kuthchemes - Wildlife camps have returned to their old semi-peaceful ways (they will no longer immediately aggro onto players from across the map)"

indeed, today hotfix was for that.

so the thread here can be deleted or fatalitied :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Funcom for fixing issues :=)

leaderboards are working again. i wonder is it adding skull gate and kuth together?