Lack of Clarity on Structure Removal will Upset Many

I applaud the effort to solve server instability issues and/or intentional server crashes. I applaud the effort to remove unintended and exploitative building methods.

What I do not like is the complete uncertainty that comes with it. I have browsed other forum threads on this topic and read the responses of moderators and developers, but it still is very unclear as to what will be considered “occupying the same space” and what will not.

Without this clarity, the preparation time (which is generous) is useless. I have no idea what, if anything, I should be preparing for. If there is something that I didn’t prepare for because of this uncertainty, I will be upset. If I put a lot of work into preparation and it turns out to be completely unnecessary, I will be upset.

For these reasons, it feels like playing at all between now and Tuesday will be a waste of time. I’m not going to build anything if I have no idea whether it will survive the patch. I’m not going to farm anything if I have no idea whether my storage is going to disappear into the ether.

I don’t know if the representatives of this forum, or the representatives of Funcom, feel as if they have been explicitly clear on this matter. But I can tell you as a player that these notices haven’t been clear enough. There are far too many questions.

Like I said, I ain’t mad at the patch. I think it will be a great thing for the health of the game. But I really, really, really wish someone would just explain it in as much detail as possible. Pretend we’re all incredibly stupid, if that helps. In this specific case, we really need every little thing spelled out for us.

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There also some linked threads if you look at this one. [UPDATE 2] PSA: Removal of illegal structures and Avatar Summoning re-enabled in upcoming patch

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A structure removal patch…what could possibly go wrong? Lol. Good luck…I truly hope it goes off without a hitch, but that’s not what I’m expecting based on their patch history. It should at least prove interesting. :slight_smile:

in clear words, what they try to explain to you it’s, it will aim structure that make crash official server and make you impossible to simply connect to a server.

so if you didn’t build this kind of structure, with 500 roofs at the same place, you are safe. Simply remove cross fence. you know what is a cross ? :slight_smile:

players have been able to stack multiple other pieces to one building piece then dismantle them so they can dupe items via the server crash cause by dismantling said pieces in large number. 100+ players have reported said exploits to G-portal and funcom. G-portal forwarded the numerous complaints and TA DA! it’s being fixed. So in short, unless you are a exploiter who intentionally builds to crash servers and duplicate items YOU ARE SAFE!

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Turan gates are not aligned correctly. Thus I had to use wall to box them in. No fence foundation. But I think they might pass through the gate. I dunno. Worried about it

My concern is that on our server it appears they did a test. We had bases linked together and we lost one entire base all the way up to where where we had another section overlapped. This is a official server also. The base had no overlapping sections in it just the path that joined with another base.

If that happens we may lose 2 years worth of building all over.

I looked on YouTube to see how to do this exploit in order to know what they were talking about because it was very confusing. From what I saw, you really have to do it on purpose, and know what you’re doing. For those of us not using the exploit we should be safe.
That said it is possible that one may do this by accident, sometimes building gets weird, since sometimes it doesn’t let you place pieces, but “workarounds” then lets you place the pieces.
For example a space that would need a pillar won’t let you place a ceiling piece, but destroying the piece next to it will then allow you to place the one you wanted, then you put another one in the place of the one you destroyed. However, upon logging out and back in, the piece the game didn’t want you to place is missing.

I know that’s not what the patch is talking about, but I just wanted to underline the fact that you have to know your way around cheats and workarounds. Of course…that’s kind of moot as the exploit here doesn’t disappear when you do it. :confused:

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Thanks for the info. We’re all a little worried, but at least we are getting some reassurances from FC and community efforts. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

This is what I’m worried about too. All but 2 of my bases were created by sending out runners of fence foundations across the map to keep them on the same timer and then deleting the runners afterwards. If you’ve ever tried doing long runs of fence foundations, you know that as elevations change, you’ll invariably have instance where two overlap at the halfway point, or one inadvertantly gets undermeshed as you’re chugging along.

Am I going to lose 1000s of hours of work building public maprooms, taverns, etc. because there might be a bug at one outpost and it chains across to everything else? I’ve worked hard to protect resources and thoroughfares against griefers (it’s an Official PvE server, so we can’t blow up or admin-nuke trolls), and it might be the end of my sojourn with Conan if everything becomes lost…

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For instance, I wanted to keep the speakeasy in the basement of my Mounds base as small as possible. To that end, the middle of the 3x3 floor is bisected by foundation fences so that i could attach the fences and door frame mid-foundation like so:

@Cattibria: Will something like this…

  1. …be OK and continue to be allowed?
  2. …cause the foundations, fence foundations, fences, and doorframe to be destroyed?
  3. …cause all parts of the base that are contiguous with it to be destroyed?
  4. …cause anything on the same decay timer/snap grid to be destroyed (i.e. ALL of my bases)?
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Not real sure. I have several fence foundations placed oddly due to the buildings they are part of. I also have a lot of structures that do not align properly with a foundation grid that have their own issues. Waiting for my testlive client to load to see what the changes have done.

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Alrighty, I’ll keep my eyes peeled to see if you’re able to report back on any of those test case. Gonna be keeping my fingers crossed…

Yeah, no. I can’t argue against a patch that gets rid of things people exploit, but this kind of “either you’re safe or you’re a cheater” logic really bothers me.

I play on PVE-C and I’ve used the crossed foundations and overlapping Turanian awnings for aesthetic purposes. It’s depressing enough that they’re going to nuke my builds indiscriminately, without being called an exploiter by people like you.

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So i just read this this thread, and relised i put Fence foundations all around my pillar base (the lowest level of foundations only) and remember, that when i tried too put them out like 30% of them ended up cross directions, and i wasent able too place the next one untill i placed the cross one…
I just went too remove them all, and BAM… server crash after first

This means my entire base is gone, and i cant even prepair for it due too buggy building mechanics… It was never my intention too put them like that, i was simply forced too if i wanted too have it around the base


I’m so sorry to hear that :slightly_frowning_face:

How did it turn out?

And the real kicker is… If the test system includes the ‘fix’, you can still crash the server so not sure the fix is really a fix…

Only a few hours remain before the bomb drops, and they haven’t answered any of our questions. I’m disappointed and disillusioned.


I hope they patch the ghost webbing next for officials. This is definitely not intended. The decay is intended for people to build what they can maintain. And visiting 1 base far from another and still getting the refresh is not really maintaining it.