Lack of communication on support ticket


Hey there

So i know you guys are busy and thats the reason for the slow response on support tickets, but when your system double charge my subscription and am 100 bucks out of pocket ( 2x 12 month sub) i kinda expect it to be resolved quickly.

I write this post just so someone at your offices know about it. ( ticket #1087636)

Best regards


Hi Forma, I’m sorry to hear you haven’t heard back on your email support ticket, yet. I can confirm it was received and is awaiting a reply in our queue. Wait times are a bit longer than usual at the moment due to our recent office closure for Hurricane Florence, as announced here: Hurricane Florence is Coming - What to Expect

Our support team is working hard to help everyone as quickly as possible. Your patience and understanding in this matter is greatly appreciated.


Thank you for a quick response.
Il just keep waiting for a bit longer then.