Lack of Funcom response to Official Server needs


I am absolutely with you on this one - many reports nothing happens… announced with the update under-meshing fixed - still happening on a big scale… it is frustrating so many little things… infinite stamina bugs ping switches… moving under the mesh - building under the mesh… clans going from server to server to destroy the population… NOTHING gets done about it… and then after you restarted for the 27th time you just get tired of that and realise the great game you love so much will never be as enjoyable as it could be… sad but true - look at the tons of empty servers…

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You have too options: play officials, unmoderated servers where anything goes like the wild west, or go private where admins take care of that “anything goes”. Or play singleplayer or coop. The less official servers, the less problems por Funcom, I wouldn’t be surprised if their intention was to let them slowly die and merge later (remember Age of Conan?).

If there are no official servers, the game will die. The game is already eating breathes. Will housewives 300 people and all.

Not from what I experienced in Beta so far.
NPC’s respond and even hide behind cover.
No rubberbanding at all.
Nobody I have encountered ever shot at anyone else.
Didn’t see any decay umbilicals or foundation spam anywhere, or names like “NegroHunter”
No dick structures. Just beautiful west virginia.

Fallout 76 official server is not a mess to begin with. There is nothing to avoid. I don’t have to pay 12 euros a month and mess with mods all day for a server to circumvent bad design.

Ya know whats’really ironic?

All of those modded CE servers… That’s actually the kind of gameplay F76 is.

Brighter nights, community events, public market places, economy, dungeons, quests, stories, dynamic content, fast travel points, no decay, no leaving body or even base upon logout, don’t drop stuff on death (except junk), no decay umbilicals or structure spam. lol.

THAT is ironic.

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@miodeleo he only issues with private servers the few I tried had power hungry people as admin where it started innocent enough but as time went on made crazy rules. Such as -you can’t build more than one building- , -you can’t raid certain players ever- , -your not allowed to use God’s unless admin says your group can but other groups can use them any time- Wipe the server for no realreason. One guy forgot to pay the bill and it got wiped. It was worse then getting raided. To loose my hard work to a self entitled no body that felt special and almighty since he was renting a server. One admin was dating a girl on a server then she broke up with him so he spent that day admin raiding everyone . Way worse than official. since many of the core mechanics are broken single player is a joke and this title was designed for multiplayer. I personally don’t find this title any fun without my friends.

So to me two of your options are not options. The officials would be fine with a smidge of oversight to stop the hibital expoilts and griefers like building around every obs possible with Gates to stop their use. The Conan exiles hunters even says one of the things you can’t do is block off large area of the maps or spawn points. Does Funcom care? Nope. I personally am so thankful to Bethesda for providing me with a real viable option. Quit Conan and play their survival title. No it’s not perfect but even in beta it is worlds better than funcoms Conan exiles at 8 months in. I really like exiles for different reasons from why I like 76 but since funcom refuses to act on anything or fix any of the real issues I may never return after 76 starts up. This will also be last funcom title I purchase they have mis-handled to many games. Anarchy Online, Age of Conan, and now Conan Exiles. All 3 could of been amazing but due to their poor support all are just really bad bug filled beta’s.

Examples I sent to funcom month ago with no response:


Around every obs the clan that did this eventually quit but not before the server went from 40/40 every raid window to 10-20/40 now.

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Sorry, but to block an obelix is not an exploit, it’s a strategic choice of a clan.

I personnaly think that it’s stupid to do that, and someone who is doing that simply declare war to the whole server and can be wiped for that. but hey that is only the game, not an exploit at all.


No it’s not an expoilt nor did I say it was. it’s a pure grief tactics and to spawn kill anyone that uses them is also. It states in what they consider grieffing and expolioting blocking large areas or spawn points to prevent players from playing in those areas or to grief is against their rules. Not mine. Theirs. Don’t make the rule if your not going to enforce it.

What about building bases with 100’s of campfires to cause anyone around your base to crash to blue screen or lag terriblely since the PS4 can’t keep of with the processor demands of rendering the 100’s of smoking embers on campfires? Then cover them with black ice so they are impossible to destory and since your crashing and lagging so bad while using bombs you randomly die…

Is this grieffing or expolioting not sure probably both and done maliciously this one area of the map you could not go near due to amount of post processing lag and blue screens. Effectively blocking off a large section of the server. This single base also really lagged the entire server. After this clan quit and we were finally able to dismantle it 7 days later server performance everywhere on map increased 100 percent.

Continuing the discussion from Harassment and Griefing Issues:


@Tascha That might be your policy.

But giving the vast amount of broken stuff you might as well

There is no lack of response, in the forums in my experience
BUT no “actual” fixes


I resonate with that perfectly.

The next few days, i’m setting my assets on CE into “maintenance mode” where I decommission my outposts, keep only my main base and consolidate my thralls, so I can refresh it once every 4 days.

I’ve simply lost faith in Funcom… not because they don’t communicate or listen (they do) not because their games suck (they are beautiful), but because they are so un-agile that they can’t adapt to problems.

I watched youtube videos on Fallout 76 exploits for example, where you can create infinite throwing knives and sell these.

This exploit got fixed WITHIN 4 HOURS! F-O-U-R H-O-U-R-S.
There was a UI glitch during one of the betas that caused people to accidentally scrap items they didnt’wanna scrap. This got fixed in 20 FREAKIN MINUTES and server restarted for hot-fix that didn’t even need re-patching.

I’m sorry… but this sort of agility is what I need in my gaming life. Funcom never had and probably never will have this sort of agility.



Well said.

Exactly. To still have bugs and expoilts that were known in alpha and beta and to still have them 8 months later in a -finished product- and to not punish the players that use these expoilts and grief tactics that funcom claims are against their rules is unacceptable. Espically when your trying to sell your customers on DLC , events and new content…

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Yeaaaahhhhh… Norwegians, too many beers… too many parties haha :stuck_out_tongue:


I feel like it is on PVE-C where you can’t damage others buildings.

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Exactly this then they put cornations on top so you can’t get out. Even on pvp where you can destory it there are 18 hours where you can’t. Even when you can the amount of resources needed to clear every single foundation is huge where each foundation it self is cheap. It’s pure grieffing and borderline expolioting. Definitely expolioting on pve servers.

No truer words have been spoken… But I still have no clue what autocorrect was trying to say.

That quip aside, one reason companies do not fully explain how they patched out an exploit or even what the exploit may be, is because the company does not want such information public. If Funcom was to say… We fix duplicating by removing the ability for thralls to throw orbs… People would them use this to try getting thralls to throw everything to see if it could be duplicated. In other words,by limiting the information put out, the hope is there is less chance of finding similar exploits.

No one is asking them to publicize their methods, that has already been well addressed and why.

…just that action is being taken - primarily, I would like to hear of the ban hammer swinging. But instead of being concerned about losing players to griefing, they seem worried that they will piss off folks that they ban (conjecture)

Some proof from Funcom that they are handling it or are even taking us seriously would be nice - instead of just saying: “'we’re looking into it”, or 'we don’t have the resources, or “work it out among yourselves”…

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They need only fix the exploit and say so before more people come across said exploit…

Nobody said anything about publishing exploits before they are fixed.

Just they take so danm long to fix damaging exploits that more people come across it, then share it.

Most exploits are actually a result of changes they added to the game. This is not the last time this will happen, which is exactly why the SPEED at which an exploit is fixed is important.

Luckily there are beneficent exploits out there that flourish from this sort of… inagility.

Like when using the night vision potion, after it’s effects expire it turns the annoying blue halloween filter into a beautiful silvery-grey haze that reminds one of moonlight,.

Even just hearing about people getting banned and exploits getting fixed is sometimes a deterrent to exploiters/griefers/hackers…not entirely, mind you but it does work.


This if people see that people are being banned for building under mesh or expolioting duplication or extreme grieffing of a server if will cause others to think twice before they do it and wear it like a badge of honor and admit to it in general chats.

For example at login screen could have a section of:

This week we took action on players for
Expoilting building under the map: 10 players
Grieffing by blocking spawns : 8
Duplication: 5

Then just update it once a week.

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Oh ok i play only on pvp :slight_smile: where you can destroy all

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