Lack of NPC camps

The Isle is awesome but one thing literally all players noticed last night during our first session was NPC camps or lack thereof, we have one castaway camp and one undead camp and… ?
it’s not only we really miss them, the isle feeling is something is missing, some small castaway camps closer to coast and survivalist shacks further inland (some abandoned?) , maybe even small fortified encampment or three?
that would bring more authentic feel to whole map and while I get idea was to get thralls through portals and it’s interesting mechanics but, c’mon good’ol slaveraids are integral part of this game, we don’t have to get top thralls in those camps, just maybe T3 tops?


I strongly disagree with people who want a lot of camps with a lot of NPCs, but your opinion is really interesting ! It would indeed be fun to have a few small camps, you know, like 4-5 camps of less than 10 NPCs, and nothing above T2. I’m still happy with a no-NPCs map, but that would be a nice idea :slight_smile:


Even with a lack of thralls to capture, it sure makes building a shrine a lot harder. You need human’s for that ambrosia, antidote, sexual endurance potion, ect…

Especially now where the healing has moved away from food…
Use items like Ambrosia to heal now!
By the way, Ambrosia is harder to make too. :sweat_smile:


On a PvE server you are basically stuck with using your own corpse… talk about sacrificing for your god!


that’s valid point, I’m yet to build altar so it did not occur to me I’d have to give marry chase to all those wild surges to achieve anything with it

Map does need more NPC camps other than undead. I was really excited when I finally found a large inland shipwreck that was sure to be a great camp to explore but… ahhh… nope… just more pointless undead.

Waiting for thralls to fall from the sky is an interesting new mechanic (if a bit silly as they just stand still like nothing weird has just happened to them) but there needs to be more on the open map to help players get started and just engage with for fun.

Limit them to T2 or T3, that’s fine. Just add more to explore and exploit. It’s what makes CE unique and fun.

If nothing else, replace the undead on that inland shipwreck with some NPC survivors.

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Agreed. The map feels like its missing something. A bit empty.

Human NPCs fighting each other would be a nice way to liven up the place. Camp A vs Camp B from time to time. It wouldn’t hurt if we had a few roving bands, too.

And I agree with keeping the “camps” to low tier NPCs and save the Surge mechanic for higher level thralls.

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Wait, why? Aren’t there plenty of wild surges around, with T1 thralls all over? What better use for them? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

yea i get what they were trying to do here, but it’s so pvp centric, i’ll prob go back to the normal map as a primarily solo pve guy.

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