Lack of skull pick up interruption (random occurence)

Had to try reporting this bug, since mods more active than ever!

Version: Started around when pvp festival was introduced up to this date.

Summary: Most of the time on mini games players getting bugged, that none of the damage interrupts pick up of skull. This is total lottery will player get this bug or not. This is clearly crucial part since 1 team having this bug have edge over the other.

Character: All characters affected.

Steps to reproduce: Go on mini game and try to pick up skull under damage. Most likely u gonna be bugged and get skull without a single pushback on cast bar.


It happens more often then it doesnt

Only real way to prevent flag pick up is cc chain

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While this is true, it can sometime force a tank to use a bubble and ultimately lose the flag while the opposing team squishy pick up like a charm. Since this is unevenly impacting the most important item in a ctf minigame, it should be fixed one way or another.

If this could be fixed it would be a great improvement for most of PvP in minis, since CTS is what’s played the most. When the enemy team can’t get interrupted picking up the flag except with CC’s, and your team and you can, or viceversa, it’s terrible. Making it so hits always interrupt picking up the flag would be perfect. No more frustration from the bug and it would make picking up the flag require more thinking.

I agree this realy breaks the whole capture the flag mechanic.

  • fix it please.

Honestly I think the mechanic works fine and makes it more dynamic in that you have to time your ccs to prevent flag pickup instead of just blindly whacking a player with white hits. It’s not a gamebreaking issue in my view.

It becomes gamebreaking when its not consistant, one team have major issues picking it, while the other is smooth as silk picking it up right away. Im okay with either silk or stutter as long as its consistant.

Suuuuuuuuuure, because its completely fine if a tank from team A is immune to interruption and tank from team B will get denied by 50 point dmg from 40 meter away white hits.

I’ve noticed it isn’t so much the team but the class. Mostly it’s the tanks that get this effect but sometimes other softer classes can get it. Maybe they should make it consistent and remove the interrupt ability to require ccs to break flag pickup. Because when you can interrupt pickup by just whacking the target it kinda breaks the game mechanics. Having to utilize your ccs efficiently would make for more enjoyable minis provided people can work together. I always try to cc a flag carrier to prevent pickup. Most times it works.

How someone can say the bug is fine is beyond me. Several classes aren’t even capable of keeping another CC’d long enough to stop it from it picking it up with the bug.

Picking up the flag while in stealth needs to be fixed too.

And lastly, though not necessarily a bug, it should take more than a single Necro infestation or MotD dot, or DT CoG dot to completely stop any class in this game from capturing a SAG point. It’s baffling that something doing sometimes single digits in damage per tick can shut a person down completely.

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Agree, dots shouldn’t do any interrupt, only direct damage. Or make interruption based on damage received.