Ladagara Daughter Of Ymir

“The Daughter Of Ymir is in New Asagarth!”
“Hurry! Make sure your Thrall has a club on!”
“She’s pretty…her bar isn’t going down. We can’t club her.”

I’m sure many of you have had a similar experience,
or thought when first encountering the lovely Ladagara.

I’d like to suggest that a clubbable version of The Daughter Of Ymir be added to the Purge. Either as a Priest, or as the Fighter she already is. I personally would love to have her as a follower but would settle for her being able to be equipped to an alter as a named Priest. Make people choose between getting her as a tame or another chance at her horn.

Make Daughter Of Ymir a Purge Thrall:

  • Yes, add her.
  • No, leave her as is.
  • I don’t care.

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You can already add her as a thrall using the admin panel, unfortunately she has 40K hitpoints or so, so obviously “just” adding her as a thrallable NPC wouldn’t work. Of course that could be solved, just sayin’.

I play Official. I have spawned her in on my Offline before, but I want her to be legitimately obtainable.


Oh pease, PLEASE yes to this one! Even if they have to dial back the HP of the broken/captured version. As myself and @Mikey have discussed in a previous thread, an attractive blonde lady is surprisingly hard to come by in the Exiled Lands! I think I have only found 4 since launch time on console thus far, and one is no longer with us. And right now, Ladagara Daughter Of Ymir is the undisputed gold standard among them. We dont want her, we NEED her!!


They definitely would have to dial her health down, but It would be oh so worth it. :slight_smile:



…and when you do find one, she’s 9 feet tall and doesn’t like you. Sounds very much like real world. Well, except maybe the being 9 feet tall.

I admin-spawned one of her for an… art project in my solo game mode, and she shrunk to human-sized. Which is still fine, but for a different purpose.

But yeah, I’d love to have a little sister for those frost giant pets I have guarding my Highlands base (they’re called Hans, Hans, Hans and Hans - an inside joke referring to an old tabletop RPG campaign I GMed). If it was possible to, err, recruit her in her tall form, even without tens of thousands of hitpoints, it would make me happy.


Just please make her retain her large stature! Otherwise it’s just another blond Nordheimer prancing around with me… I want people to say “That’s one HUUUUGE B*tch!” :rofl::joy::rofl:



That’s another issue I plan to touch on! :slight_smile::black_heart:

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Thats ok I can see past our differences. And just think, other Exiles would think twice about harassing you if we have a 9-foot tall tower of Valkyrie muscle hanging off our arm. :laughing:

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YES, please add her, just tone down her thrall hit points

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yes my base full her plz


Hahah! A potential unwanted ‘side effect’ I guess.

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31 votes Zeb, and overwhelmingly in support. None too shabby.

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I’m honestly blown away. I’m super grateful. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

incoming fanfic gets obviously too dirty

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froya from the norsemen… DIBS!!!

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~waits till you club her, ropes and drags away ~ :face_with_hand_over_mouth::yum::joy:

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