Ladders are disappearing!

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]

Ladders attached to another ladder keep disappearing, I cant tell if this happens after daily server restart or if its a decay bug, but all my ladders that are attached at the bottom of another disappear everyday

happened to me too. i rebuilt the ladder, reloaded the game, and it was gone again.


Yep, it always happens to me whenever I load my single player game.
Decay has nothing to do with it though, since I turned that off on the settings.

It’s stability, you can see the second ladder is placed but has 0 stability with the repair hammer. Have to have hatches every tile. Very annoying.

This needs to be fixed, we shouldnt need a hatch on every junction. Ruins the flexibility of having longer ladders in wide spaces

Yeah. I think it’s a bug, but who knows in this game. Should not be able to place 0 stability. Also hatch is 80, first ladder is 60, so you should be able to do 3 ladders total if they take 20 stability like other tiles. But the second one drops right to 0.

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