LAG and disconnects on official server 1006

Official server 1006 PvE has insane lag problems for the last few days. Also there have been quite a few server wide disconnects. Please fix this. I am debating buying the DLC but this way it will be of no use.

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Besides the lag just had 2 server wide disconnects where the server doesnt show up in the server list for about a minute afterwards.

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This is some big problem. There are so many great players on this server and the only thing that spoils the fun is the lag and the disconnects about 2-3 times a day.

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I’m on the official server 1006 PVE.
WTF are you people doing??? This official server is 100 times worse than a private server. This morning is just unplayable…I get disconected every 3-5 minutes, then I was walking around with full hp, not fighting anything and just end up in the desert with a mesage that I was killed by something. So I try to make my way back to my body to recover my stuff, and guess what? Disconected again and all my stuff is gone. Full silent legion set and telith sorrow. Thx a lot Funcom. And in stead of working on fixing your servers what do you do? Bring out a DLC to get more money out of us for a poorly made game and servers…

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Server has been down almost 30 minutes now. I died i sure hope you will do a reroll!

Seems like the whole cluster is down #1006-#1011 isnt available! Where can we read about this?

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Hey @Blyker,

I think (and am almost sure as you have mentioned it there) your issue might be related to

keep an eye on this thread as well as your own, or tell me if you want to move into that discussion and close this one and I’ll notify a forum moderator.

I think my post was here before and has more people replying to it so keep it here please.

Btw the server has been down for more then an hour and now were playing crash and lag free. This is however with a lower population.

The thing that annoys me is that no word has been given about the downtime. Multiple people have lost all of their gear because they died and the decay time was passed when the servers came back on. And if the last disconnect i had was them taking the server down for maintenance, a warning would have been nice so we could log out in a save place.

There is a distinct lack of communication here.

I have let forum moderators know that the posts need attention. It looks like there aren’t that many active as of right now. Had to flag several other posts, while I normally don’t have to. I’m still relatively new to the forums though, and I know nothing of their work times (besides it’s voluntary)

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