Lag Issues - Any solution?

Greetings all.

It should come as no surprise to everyone that since the pandemic started lag issues have become more and more frequent. Anarchy Online experienced an enormous horde of returning players, and thankfully the game is more alive than it ever was in the last few years.

After 5/6pm GMT, but especially at weekends, rubber banding, freezes that take 4/5 seconds are common and to me personally ruin what should have been really fun moments. Thanks to this I’ve experienced raid wipes, or while questing in Shadowlands suddenly found myself in the middle of Perpetual Wastelands.

The problem is server wide since I’m from Portugal and I play with people in Australia, UK, Germany, Spain, and so on, and all of us experience it, always at the same time.

I’m just trying to make sure of the following:

1- If the Anarchy Online team/Funcom is aware of this.
2- If there are any plans to solve this.

If you personally can relate to problems described above please share with us some of the troubles you faced or confirm that this is an ongoing issue.

Thank you all.


Yeah, feeling the same issues, rubber banding is constant. Huge lag spikes.

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Since it was the pandemic that brought me back to the game, I don’t know what it was like before.

But I think all the phenomena you mentioned are known to all players. At least I’ve heard that from a lot of players from a lot of different time zones.

But what I also notice is that it’s not permanent, but recurring in phases.

And what I also don’t know is whether it has gotten worse. Because I already knew the rubberbanding from before (2002/2003 on DNW). But maybe if more players come back, it means that more budget for server performance is generated again? That would be the requirement.

I would wish it would be.

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I can confirm that the game is seeing more and more what I would call “lagspikes”. It’s not generally slow, but the communication with the server seems to be freezing for several seconds for everyone in my team at the same time and then catch up.

I am usually playing in mixed teams from all over Europe and the US (Portugal, Sweden, Norway, USA, Germany) and everyone seems to experience these lagspikes at the same time, which is why I can rule out personal connection issues.
Needless to say, that there are certain instances where not being able to heal for 5s can easily be a wipe - the last subway bosses for example. The only reason we usually wipe there really is lag issues and it’s quite frustrating, especially if you are playing the doc who was unable to heal.
Running a Mitaar on my Engi used to be relaxing, but has become a very risky thing lately due to these lag issues.

The chat servers are running fine during these lag spikes, by the way; everyone is able to scream “laaaaag” before the wipe…

So, yes, I can definitely relate to this problem and confirm that it has gotten worse. And I’m not talking about the usual “backup lag” that we seem to be experiencing in the early European morning and afternoon hours.

I would more than welcome if Funcom could investigate these alongside the zone crashes, since both are the major pain points for me right now.


Having lag issues too when there are many ppls online

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Can also confirm lag issues.
Would be nice if this could be solved.

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Ye there is some lag issues/crashes but honestly would rather have them focus on removing stacking/nodrop trading/duping

It’s not a matter of doing one thing or another, they need to address all issues, thats why we pay monthly.

Is Phil getting old already?

I have also noticed that there is a serious problem with lag, things are definitely worse with the increased player population than they were a year ago.

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