Lag on death so cant select spawn point

Game mode: [private server: (Online official | Online private | Single-player)]
Type of issue: [Performance]
Server type: [PVP-RP]
Region: [America]

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After the first part of the Jhebbal sag update, several of us lags when dying so that we are not able to select a spawn point, causes the timer has already run out when lag is over, so ends up spawning at desert often.

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1.Get killed try and select a spawn point


has the timer get turned down to 3 secs by any chance those of us that manage to select spawn point only have 3 secs now compared to the usual 10.

I have the same issue, mostly takes too long for the selection dialogue to pop up, and when it does it’s a few seconds and end up in the desert, also regardless if I’m bound to a spawnpoint or not.

It is happening to me too and my friend as well, sometimes i got lagged for like 30secs and then jump right in to desert.
Sometimes its lagged for 8-9secs, so I can have a second or two to choose.

And beside that, when it lags completely so I can’t even “choose”… it spawns me in desert.
Although It is set on “Bed” like always.

I wanted to add that I am lately playing with a laptop, which is not best performace-wise, but also wanted to add that it wasn’t an issue before. I think there were performance changes, not visible to us, but in game loading and managing game graphics, that are causing the Long loading times not only in death situation but in general loading when starting game and getting into servers.

Maybe they could increase the timer for the death dialogue in the meantime?.

Thanks for the info!
Noting it down so we can take a look.

Are you guys playing on official servers or private? Does it happen in single and online play?
Are you in a specific area when this happens or is it totally random?

I’m playing private servers with mods if you’re asking me.

Happened to me on private server no mods on ps4. Took me 30 min of reloading to finally get to the desert. My bed roll was near the cursed wall. Also the teleport loading into obelisk’s still has loading delay so sometimes mobs can kill you before you load in.

Private servers here, and its any place, and it is in online play, i do notice i have lag upon death in SP too but there i have time to select a spawn point at least, even though the timer is at 0 all the time.

I also have this issue.

When I die sometimes there is lag (not always)… I suspect having an SSD would help but alas… I do not.

When there is lag and the timer for the choice expires I end up right back at the beginning of the desert. If I dont experience too much lag and manage to see the timer before it runs out… I will respawn at my bed (which is selected by default anyhow)

[online PVE]

hmm, people on my server says its AMD people that has this issue, so do you guys that are having issues here, also have AMD?

AMD here yes. Anyway this was NOT happening before, so don’t really see what changed so much for this to happen now.

true but if the devs know its AMD related at least they have some more info ^^

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