Lag while ragdoll physics are running

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [ Performance]
Region: [All Servers]

Hello everyone, this is my first ever post in a game community. I’m experiencing a issue where whenever I kill an humanoid creature the game lags/freezes while its running the ragdoll physics, to an extent that its unplayable. Never got the chance to go past lvl 20 due to frustation, its sad because aside the rant on spenting money on a game I cant play, its a promising game and I really liked it and hope someone looks into this issue asap. Thanks in advance.

Sidenote: I dont think its my internet connection, got a solid 30/30 speeds and see people with lesser connection speeds play fine. Also already restored my ps4 data base and reinstalled the game twice.

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i have this same dam issue and can’t find any information on it lol. Like its very frustrating. It would be nice if someone could give an answer about it too. The friends i play with don’t have this issue and they are on normal ps4’s and a few ps4 pro. If its my system then it would be GREAT to know cause then i could invest in buying a new one… i would hate to go buy one and find out its not the reason my game is freezing for 5-10 seconds when npcs or players die. Personally i would rather just get it for my pc but all my friends have it for ps4 so yeah…
If anyone has any info about this please post so we don’t have to suffer lol


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