Laid a vault down on official PVP server yesterday, today its gone

There is nothing about the vault in the extremely limited event log, nothing new today in the event log. The damn vault just vanished like a fart in the wind.

This game just sucks with all of these bugs and you released a P2W DLC already and lied about it being only cosmetics. That’s how you lose customers, that’s for sure. This game was not ready for release and I really hope one day a good, competent company makes a game similar to this and Ark.

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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If it wasn’t in your base or on foundations, it decayed.

in less than a day? That’s seriously stupid. How come all of these other vaults that are by themselves from other people not near any base don’t decay? how come whenever I decay-destroy a base everything but the vault decays away? Makes no sense.

A vault without any supporting infrastructure will decay in a few hours.

except the ones that don’t. But good to know, that’s stupid but thanks.

Yeah. You’re right about that. There have definitely been decay issues with vaults. I’ve seen many that persist in-place but state they are DECAYED.

How is the DLC not cosmetic only? I got the DLC and sure it has Armor and Weapons but they are all leaps and bounds behind weapon and armor that came with the game, so essentially they are cosmetic. Unless im missing something please elaborate on that.

Edit: I havnt checked the building hp vs black ice perhaps that is what you’re referring to?

the DLC doors are 70K hit points with black ice doors (and the other T3 doors) being 50K. Thats a big buff to your doors if you paid. If you are like me and have 20 doors to get through, that’s 400K extra damage you’ll have to do.