Lair recommended IP and difficulty rankings


I’m wondering if there is a list of recommended IP/GR/CR for Lairs or a scale of least to most difficult? Some lairs are harder than others and it doesn’t seem to follow the same scale of difficulty as the zones they are in, with people not wanting to do the Kingsmouth lair because they say its the most difficult while pretty much everyone cuts their teeth on the Blue Mountain lair.


I believe the required stats for any lair is the same. The difference in difficulty is more about the mechanics of the lair. Sure for a very annoying boss mechanic you could technically overcome it by overpowering the fight, to prevent the mechanic from happening.

One of the nasty things about KM lair is the fact that zombies will crawl out of the ground under some unsuspecting dps and cause chaos. Some of the bosses also require ppl to do something specific, or avoid something specific.

BM is prefered as there is little you can do that will screw over the entire group. You might die on a boss or two, but you will not drag everyone down with you.


The other aspect that tends to encourage certain lairs over other is which signets are in demand, as the different regions drop different selections ( No need to go to Trans if people don’t like it.


All lairs are of the same gearing level. Only major difference is the SF lair screws you over if you use DoTs (sucks for shotgun mains because sometimes you do roll 5 DoT shells)


I think there’s a Vampire Magus in the CF lair which heals to full every time he’s glanced. That can be super annoying too.


The only vampire magi in the CF lair are Mara’s Something-or-others who just stand around in a couple of places doing nothing. I don’t recall them healing when glanced but they’re just trash mobs and entirely avoidable (they aren’t related to the lair missions at all) anyway.


Hmm IP at around E2 or E3 level? Might be E1 but it’s been a while. Acc at 23% ? It’s been a while since I’ve had to worry about dps rates for lair. So these estimates are definitely ballpark. That would be bare minimum.


Regular old lairs? You can do most of them no problems with 250 IP. Think it’s 24% hit that you need, but other than that they’re mostly simple.


According the numbers of SWL thread, lairs require 18% glance reduction.