Lamentation: Go back in time in Singleplayer

Now i´ve done it! My Super-Thrall beat up an opponent in the volcano and afterwards stood in lava. It didn´t look that way, and when i tried to reposition her, it was to late. She was from a purge, had 9900 hp and essentially the whole playthrough is centered around getting such thralls. Is there a possibility to tweak that savegame to turn back time 5 minutes! This is singleplayer. If not i loose 4 days work. I built a cathedral in these four days. lol …i guess i just wanted to lament. From now on i save more often.

if you are prepared to cheat why not just spawn back your thrall + whatever was on it. cos going back in time is cheating :laughing:

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I did it! You can rename a game backup.db to game.db ! This is singleplayer. I am only cheating myself and my thrall should back out of lava!


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