Lamenting the Lone Fisherman and the Spicy Fish Combo

The Spicy Fish Como can only be made at a Stove or above by The Lone Fisherman. The parameters are thus:

10 Dried Fish + 10 Salt + 5 Spice = 1 Spicy Fish Combo

Over the last year or so I had become very fond of using The Lone Fisherman to make the Spicy Fish Combo. It was resource intensive but it healed 88 points, filled you for nearly a day, and lasted 60 hours on the belt. The downside, it was considered both a food and a potion and could not be used while mounted. Fair enough.


Like all other food, it is nearly worthless for healing and it lasts about 150 minutes on the belt.

The result is I don’t bother with it any longer, just put a stack of whatever is handy. This has diminished my enjoyment of the game.

I understand the intention behind the rebalancing of food and healing and that adding animation to potions and wraps prevents us from hanging on the side of a cliff to heal and that’s all completely logical.

I even get taking a high-grade items and reducing it’s effectiveness as part of the rebalancing. What I do not understand is penalizing players for high grade food stuffs. There is no use I am seeing for recipes any longer, Exceptional Fish/Lobster are effectively the same as high resource foodstuffs.

And The Lone Fisherman has become just another cook in better gear.

I believe a deeper look into the food system should be done with clear distinctions between low, mid, high, and exceptional foodstuffs. It would be rather like every other aspect of the game from weapons to armor to potions.


They should add animation for eating and make them different

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Thoughtless work by Funcom developers. No thought into difficulty of making food items like this.

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