LAN Performance - Dedicated Server

Hi all,

I host 3 of my own servers on the same machine on my LAN.

The gateway/modem has a host machine (where CE servers run) and unmanaged gigabit switch plugged in via ethernet. We have two gaming desktops going to the switch.

The servers run great and client performance is great, until both of us join the server from the LAN.

How can I alleviate or shape the traffic on the LAN going to our server? It seems like both of us playing at the same time are contesting the traffic to the server.

The most noticeable performance hit is with the NPC AI response times and accuracy.

With both of us playing, the NPCs tend to jitter on the spot when aggrod before running in a random direction and eventually find their way to your character . As soon as one of us disconnects from the server, the NPCs behavior returns to how it is expected.

Yeah, I know it doesn’t make sense.

This is the modlist
modlist.txt (1.8 KB)

The machine is a laptop, which could be the cause for some issue, but the really strange thing is that the issue only happens when the two of us are connected via LAN.

Specs are:
Intel i7 6700HQ
48GB DDR4 @2400 mhz
M.2 SSD, OS and CE both have dedicated M.2s

I know that being a laptop it is already under powered but the thing is it runs the servers fine, even with around 10 or so players (haven’t had more than around 10 at once to test) but as soon as we both join from the same internal network…it barfs everywhere.

Have you tried putting the laptop on a cooler like some cheap fan bank? When I first made the switch to pc I had a laptop I was using to play the game, and even tho it was quite good, there was enough heat in the laptop that it throttled the processor and performance was crap until I cooled it. Then it ran fine. The server wont put as much demand on the pc as the game itself but perhaps the demand on the cpu is enough if its getting hot.

It would make sense that hardware of the laptop was running poorly only if this happened all the time. It is definitely linked to more than one client connection to the server from the LAN though, so I really don’t believe it is the server hardware, but the network.

It could be a faulty switch, but I doubt it. It’s brand new less than 1 week. I wish I had another to test.

Never underestimate the heat generated at an ethernet port.

From where is your client IP originating? Is it DHCP?

Is your server static IP or is it DHCP?

Is your server set up as a Domain Controller in any way, or is it basically Peer-to-Peer Windows client/server relationships?

Everything is wired with ethernet.

The server is running Win10 Pro with a DHCP reservation.

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