Lance pointing at left side of the horse


It’s really a surprise that lances are released along with the horses!
As the title suggests, I believe this should be a fair thing to suggest, as this was how historically joustings are done.

Thank you for the consideration!

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I wanted to prove you wrong as it seemed ridiculous at first, but with a swift googling I found that you are absolutely correct. An option to swap from a Right-facing stance to a Left-facing stance would certainly be desirable!

Case in point from Wikipedia:

Also from Wikipedia:

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Other than historical accuracy (which is a fairly poor argument in itself), what benefits would this bring?

apparently flexibility for the lancers

also for whatever reason you think this is a poor argument, all I’m suggesting is, this is totally possible for lancers to do.
Unlike horsearchery, you can’t shoot at the right side, because naturally you can’t, lance on the left is just DOABLE and was DONE before

I think the history argument is a good one, because there was a good reason for having the lance pointing to the left: imagine what the power of the blow would do to the rider with the lance pointing straight to the centre of his body!

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The lance pointed on the left side, aka shield side, only for jousting. Because the goal was to dismount your opponent and not kill him. That’s why the lances used were weaker and lighter and blunted so they can break before penetrating the armour. That’s why they were usually aimed at the opponent shield, but sometimes they were aimed at the helm because an hit at the helm was a lot more difficult then earned more prestige. And that’s when fatality happened, like for the king of France Henri II in 16th century.
But for battle the lance pointed on the right side because the purpose was to kill. and for that hitting your opponent on the side not covered by a shield is better.

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You changed my mind, wolfrider! So funcom did it just right. Thanks for that intesting piece of information :slight_smile:

Also, when running through peasant mobs or other targets on foot, you’d need to be able to lower the lance tip, which you can’t do very easily on the left side of the horse. It would set the lance in a very awkward angle that would be poor for making holes into people. On the right-hand side you can get the lance penetrate in a right angle.

well then when will we get that sweet jousting emote on horse ? :3

This is correct, however, still, the point I tried to made is that, the lance aiming angle shouldn’t be limited, since in terms of aiming it to the left is DOABLE, not just about its purpose.

Besides, look at the feat name of the lance, it’s called “Jouster”, funcom never forbid the usage of jousting with lance either.

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